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Friday, February 12, 2010

Seven With One Blow......

I set myself a goal of seven of the tile displays this morning....It took me two hours almost to the minute to finish seven of them. Now Tessie has one for each day of the week.....She is going around singing "Eight Days a Week!" Remember, she already had one from yesterday. She thinks that the song is clever......

Again, don't forget to poke the photos for a closer look.

In the first photo I decided to show you the six steps of making them. The first three pieces that are overlapped are two fabric covered ones and a paper one. Next the top corners are cut out and the bottom is trimmed even with the foam core. The white one is showing the corners turned up with glue and mitered. The next one is with the paper glued around the board. The last one laying down is with the paper glued on the back side. And lastly, there is Tessie sitting in the one that I showed yesterday.

Here are the ones that I finished this morning.

#1. Tessie is standing against a background of real wallpaper that has metallic stars on it. I got that one from a wallpaper sample book that I got for free years ago. She says that moonlight is quite conducive to yo-yo-ing. I'm not sure why.

#2. Another wallpaper sample. I used to have loads of these. They are getting whittled down to a small stack now. As you can see, I stuck a geranium planter on this one and "Home Sweet Home" plate on the wall.

#3. Zar had to get into the act. He demanded that he got to model if I was going to hang his clock on the wall...BTW, It is still going strong. So far I haven't even had to change the steam powered battery. The wallpaper is mini paper.

#4. The next one is fabric. The painting is a watercolor by my friend Val. Thanks again, Val. Two of Eskiaga's cats wandered over. The Christmas party is pretty much wound down now. They just wanted to get out of the way of the clean up crew. Dodging a bulldozer is not fun.

#5. The wallpaper here was sold as mini wallpaper, but I suspect that it was real wallpaper that someone cut up. It is very heavy like the real thing. I borrowed Spike's four poster doggy bed, so of course he wanted to come along. He wanted a rawhide bone for payment. He is getting more like Tessie everyday. The picture on the wall is one of the stamps that I bought in that bag a couple of weeks ago.

#6. The wallpaper here is some mini stuff from a company that has not been in business for a very long time. I got it when I was working in a local mini store back in the early 80s. You have seen the swan cradle before. Mom and the two babies are doing fine.

#7. This one is covered with Tessie's favorite apron fabric. Tessie says that as soon as she can find her apron this one will be a good place for her to hide and be a fly on the wall....She says that the apron will make her invisible if she stands totally still....Meanwhile, the Peruvian Monster Bunny is holding his own with Theo. I don't think that Theo knows that Monster Bunny has fangs and claws, larger than his own, under all that fluff!

Kathi, over a Beautiful Mini Blessings, has already tried this tutorial. She came up with a beach scene to put behind the wicker chair that I sent her the other day. I never thought of using outdoor scenes on them. Great idea, Kathi. Do go look.

I hear rumbling from all over the house. I am not sure if it is the bulldozer at Eskiaga's place or if it's Tessie zapping the tile displays here and there so that she will have lots of places to sit and relax around the house. I had better go check and clean up the mess that I made whilst putting them together.

See you tomorrow.


Irene said...

These are brilliant - such a simple idea. It amazes me how you come up with them.

MiniKat said...

Love the displays! I really need to get moved so I can play again.

I think the Peruvian Monster Bunny is related to our Tempie bunny. She does eat meat and chase cats after all. ;-)

Dawn said...

Lovely idea, so effective. Has Tessie asked for any outdoor one's yet?

miniacollection said...

You work very fast. They are all lovely scenes. Congratulations.