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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can You See Me Now???

Tessie couldn't stand it. She pulled off the Valentine outfit and went rummaging around for her "bubble apron", as she calls it.

She found it in the pile that she is collecting for a closet, if I ever make one. She put it on and jumped onto the matching tile display. Then she asked, "Can you see me now?

I laughed at her and said, "Yes, Tessie. I can still see you. That rankled and she hissed at me, "You aren't supposed to be able to see me in front of this backdrop with this apron. I am invisible.... I am!"

"Tessie, the apron doesn't cover all of you. Only parts.....", I replied.

Before I could finish, she started begging. "Make me a cloak of invisibility! I need it now!"

Who am I to argue? She will just keep harassing me if I don't.

I actually cut the fabric to the size that I wanted and then traced around it onto graph paper so that you could have a pattern if you wanted to try it. I don't normally use a pattern.

Each square is 1/4", so you can figure it out. Your person may be taller or shorter than Tessie, so you will have to make some adjustments if that is the case.

The solid lines are for cutting the broken ones are for seams. I used about an eighth inch seam in all cases.

Here you see the method of construction. I sewed the side seams and the back seam of the hood. The rest is all glued. I turned the edge under all around the body of the cloak and around just the front edge of the hood. The bottom edge of the hood was left to glue inside the neck of the cloak.

I just put glue on the outside bottom edge of the hood and attached it so that the front edge of the cloak and hood were even.

I put slits in the front for her hands. I simply used a line of Aileen's Fast Grab on the inside where I wanted the holes. When that was dry, I cut the slits.

I also added a ribbon tie by cutting a piece about 10" long and starting at the center back glued it to the outside of the neck.

When I tied it, I looped the ribbon a second time before tying the bow, so that it would stay tight until I finished the bow. I learned to do this when I was quilting. It works quite well when you are trying to tie something that small.

Tessie tried it on and bounced back onto the tile. "Can you see me now?", she asked immediately.

I told a big fat lie! "Where is that voice coming from? Tessie, is that you?"

She was delighted and I didn't have to start over and make another one. I am not going to tell her that she has to cover her hands and face, or that she is not invisible in front of other backgrounds.

Theo and the Monster Bunny seem to be able to see her.....She didn't notice that part.

I am going to go back to work and pretend that I can't see Tessie when she is wearing the cloak. What she doesn't know won't hurt her......Now, if I can only get Zar to go along with this plan.....

See you tomorrow.


Carey said...

Too cute, love the cat.

dalesdreams said...

That is hysterical!

Thanks for making me smile! :)

Kathi said...

Bwwahahahahhaha! This is hilarious!
I've got tears streaming down my face!!! You are too funny!!!

Tessie who?

Wendie-kins said...

this post made me giggle :o) thanx for sharing the pattern x

Deni said...

Hahaha! That tessie!
Luv the cloak!
I think it is brilliant to pretend you dont see her! lol great excuse not to see or hear her, while you get some other things organised lol

miniacollection said...

Great and funny story. It's too good to see her with her apron and then cloak in front of the wallpaper.

Debbie said...

Oh bless she reminds me of a little child, that hides its face behind its hands thinking you can't see them. Thanks for the cloak pattern Casey. That's sure to come in handy.xx

Dawn said...

Mmmmm I wonder if I make myself a cloak I will become invisable lol

Jo Raines said...

Another wonderful tutorial! I was just reading back through your tutorials and found at least six I have been wanting to try just recently, among them the round tables with tablecloths! There it was right in your list of tutorials.

That Tessie! Wanting to be camouflaged by the scene!


Caseymini said...

Dawn, I think that you are going to have to enlarge the pattern somewhat.....Good luck! LOL

beyondbaffled said...

Love the invisibility cloak!

Anna said...

How funny!
Thanks for the tutorial!