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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

And don't come back for a while. There is no sun and it is dripping. It has been since I got up this morning. Bah Humbug!!! I much prefer the summer lightening and thunder storms that we get to the grey,cold winter drizzle.

Earlier today Tessie decided that the tea shop should go atop my tool chest in the bedroom. She must have had her measuring tape out. It just fits. She explained to me that it is a good location to sit, sip tea and watch TV. That's what she did all of the time that Zar and I were cleaning up the shop.

After we got that straightened around, I decided I had done enough miniature stuff for the day. I turned to beading. I finished beading the head of my tweezers and Tessie immediately grabbed to them. You know how she is with sparkly things.

She announced to the world that I made them just for her....???

The bead work is circular even peyote stitch and it kind of matches all of my other beaded tools. I still need to bead a pair of wire cutters. Then I will have everything beaded that needs beading in the way of tools. It is too difficult to use an exacto knife with beading....I learned that the hard way. Don't ask.

Anyway, this morning I cleaned out the cabinet that has all of my spare picture frames and found that one thing led to another...and another.... and another. I figured out that hanging some of the frames around the house with something inside them was one way to clear up storage space.

Then when I went to put something inside the frames, I got sidetracked into cleaning out files that had drawings and other things that I was saving to frame.....Before I finished, I found a lot of patterns for furniture, notes for room boxes and other ideas....There is never enough time to do it all.

Soooooo.......I put Mookie to work. He is now in charge of future adventures in miniature.....He is diligently searching. It may take a while. He keeps getting sidetracked too. The file box is just the right size to use for napping. I keep having to nudge him and tell him to get back to work. This could take a while with him doing it.

Maybe I should go help for a while. Cleaning out files is a good rainy day activity.....

See you tomorrow. I am wishing for the sun to come back then.


Deni said...

Goodonya Mookie helping mumma
he is so gorgeous!
Really luv the way you bead you tools! makes them your own, very special!
See you tomorrow!

MiniKat said...

Momma Nature dumped 5 inches of snow on us this weekend as we were moving. I agree with winter weather needing to go away.

miniacollection said...

You never stop working ...
I like your title to the post, it is a nursery rhyme that I teach my pupils when they learn to talk about the weather.

Papillon Bleu said...

wishing for the sun too!

Kim said...

Love the tweezers! I know I have a beading book somewhere and I think peyote stitch is in there- maybe I need to cover my wire cutters- I am so jealous every time I see your tools :) Hope you have sunny weather soon Casey!!