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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Been Fun!

Come on in and join the party! Tessie has a limited amount of space, as you well know, so you had better hurry if you want a cupcake.

Eskiaga and Cordelia grabbed the best seats in the house and you will have to fight them for the basket of cupcakes in the center of their table. Eskiaga already has dibs on the strawberry cake. I think that he was the first one in the door. I saw him peeking in the window, deciding to make a bee line for it when they were all out on the porch....Don't touch his strawberry cake!

The fortuneteller trapped poor Zar in the corner and keeps saying "Cross my palm with gold and I will read your fortune in the crystal ball. Zar hasn't been able to get near the cupcakes. I think he is going to have to give her some gold just to get out of the corner. Forget about the fortune.

Esmirelda got the only other chair and Tessie keeps saying, "My chair! Get up, Sis!" Esmirelda is holding her own. She managed to get a glass of iced pumpkin tea and raided the box of jack o' lantern cookies.

Beau knows which side his bread is buttered on. Esmirelda always shares with him.

Tessie is about to throw both of them out. The cookies weren't on the menu.

I managed to get a nice close up of Essie when she wasn't looking.

She never looks directly at anybody. She has this spiderweb that holds her hair in place and that spider hangs in front of her nose all of the time. That makes it difficult to focus on anything else.

Tessie finally got tired of trying to end the party. She gave up and joined her oldest sister in the attic. They are sitting up there, making fun of the other guests. They have a rusty tub of cupcakes....The best ones, and they just point and laugh a lot.

I am not sure what the special brew in Tessie's cup is made of. There is slimy red stuff dripping over the edge. No. I am not going to ask.

Anyway, the party is still going strong and I fear that the whole tea shop will be bare to the walls by the time this crew finishes eating and drinking.

If Tessie's not worried, neither am I. Back to the real world now. Fiddle Dee Dee. I will worry about clean up later. Have fun! Have another cupcake!

See you tomorrow.


Irene said...

What an imagination you have - your posts always make me smile!

Norma said...

That looks like quite a party! However, I'm not at all sure that Tessie is cut out to be a tea shop proprietoress, I can see trouble coming a mile off...

Roberta said...

Fantasy world is a little part of a good life!!!!
Have a lot of fun

Carey said...

Have you ever thought about writing a book. Tessie would be a great character and there are great pictures, that is
for sure. I would buy the book.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

That Essie is a 'living doll'! I love her scrawny neck. Looks like Tessie was in high style during the party!