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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sidetracked Over and Over......

I am still cleaning in my pigsty of a workroom. I am now "deep cleaning". That seems to be the only way. I need to get rid of some stuff, in order to keep the rest.

Two steps forward and one step to the side. It doesn't help that Tessie is working with me.

After about an hour of cleaning, she happened onto a couple of tables that I bought from These tables are much easier and cheaper to buy than they are to make and besides I love the style.

At about 10.00 a piece, they are a real bargain. It would take me hours to turn out something similar.

Anyway, Tessie found them and immediately grabbed one. "I want this instead of that silly low boy thingy that you put in the tea shop. This is a real work table. I will have room for everything on this, including the espresso pot that you are going to make for me. I am tired of talking Zar out of his all of the time. I want my own." And then, "Yes. I am going to serve coffee as well as tea. I really need it!" she whined.

So off I went. I found some stain and started it. I didn't tell her that I ordered it a couple of weeks ago with the tea shop in mind.

She picked out the Golden Pecan shade of Minwax that you see in the photo.

Next I will use several coats of Deft Satin spray varnish, with sanding between coats.

She zapped it into the tea shop and approved of how it looked. She zapped it back to make sure that I finished it before I went back to work on the room.

She also zapped the hanging shelf back. She is trying to decide if the green shelf looks OK with the natural wood. I assured her that it was fine.....I don't want to build another shelf unit.
She rummaged around in the workroom drawers and found two locks.

"Tessie, what in the world are you doing?"
She hung one on either knob of the hanging cabinet...As she did, she replied, "This will keep certain people from eating the cupcakes and cookies when I am not in the shop!"

About that time, Zar showed up to see what we were doing.

She turned to him and said, "You are just in time to get the message. This cabinet is where I am keeping the goodies in the tea shop. It is to protect them from the likes of you, Balthazar!"
She waved the key wildly under his nose and hissed, "This is the one and only key and I am keeping it on my person at all times! Now go away!"

I was trying hard not to laugh at her.....She knows as well as I do that Zar is good at anything mechanical.....He will have those locks open in a heartbeat if he gets hungry.

Let's just wait until she gets the cakes and cookies in stock and see how long it takes for the cabinet to empty when she is not around.

I imagine that there will soon be a cauldron boiling with a spell to turn the cupcakes into snapping turtles if he tries to eat them.

I am going back to work now, secure in the knowledge that Tessie will be occupied for several hours, putting up safeguards to keep Zar out of the food.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Cookies into snapping turtles? LOL
I like those tables too... might have to get one?

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Thank you Casey for posting this link. I've been searching high and low for those tables and happy i have now bought a few. Plus they had some paperback blank books in the size i wanted, which again i have searched everywhere for.
Nikki xxx

rosanna said...

Could be dangerous if Tessie gets crossed. The table is very good, it will be great in the tea shop. Mini hugs Rosanna

Anonymous said...


Deni said...

Oh I have 2 of those here in my craft room somewhere, I'd forgotten about those! mmmmmm!
Oh I would love to get some of that miniwax I have heard so much about how great it is!Golden pecan sounds nice and looks great too, lovely colour, more interesting colours in the minwax I think
Unfortunatley we can't buy it here, Shame!!!

Deni said...

Oh BTW that is the top of a Michaels Hutch is it?
I'm going to have to stock up again when I go to MI to see my daughter!
What colour have you painted it Casey? It looks so pretty!
Can't wait to see the cakes in that cupboard!

Caseymini said...

Deni, No, it isn't a Michael's hutch top. If you go back a few entries, I explained that it and the lowboy chest were both early resin/plastic pieces from the 80s. No brand names that I know of.

Deni said...

I must have missed that post!
It looks really lovely!
I try to keep up with you but not always successful!
you do such great work Casey!

MiniKat said...

Zar needs tiny lockpicks. :-)