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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Did It and I'm Glad!

I am feeling just a wee bit guilty right now.....I did what I set out to do. Zar and Tessie are no longer speaking to one another.

I decided the quickest way to cause a little harmless rift betwixt and between the two of them was to not work on Tessie's tea shop and get busy on the Clockwork Cottage for a while.

I finally stained the bookcase with the hidden compartment behind it this morning.

Zar was there and began complaining that the living room was drafty because of the holes in the stairs. I am going to have to cut some pieces to enclose that. I do wish that Greenleaf would provide that option so that I don't have to do it from scratch.

He tried out the new wing chairs that I made a couple of weeks ago in front of the fireplace and wanted to know if there were other options.....That was what gave me the idea for causing the argument.

Of course I had other options...."How about carved chairs covered in zebra skin? I can let you try Tessie's to see if you like them." I didn't tell him that there were only two.... "Tessie probably won't mind. She doesn't have any place to put them." I am sooooo bad.

I replaced his chairs with Tessie's. He really liked them and showed me a rug that he had been hiding behind the bookcase.

He closed the bookcase and turned around. Who should appear on the stairs at that very moment? Yup. Tessie almost caught him closing it.

Thank goodness he got it snapped back in place just in time. He didn't have quite as good luck with hiding the chairs.

He whipped the rug up in front of the chairs. Unfortunately, Tessie saw what he was trying to hide.

The argument Went something like this...."What are you doing with MY chairs?" Tessie asked, anger flaring.

Zar tried, "What chairs?"

Tessie countered with. "Wow! You bought me a rug to match my chairs."

Zar...."Your chairs match MY rug! Casey said I could try them out."

Tessie..."OK. You tried them. Now give them back and I want the rug too!"

Zar knew he wasn't going to get the chairs, but he also wasn't giving up the rug. "NO! My rug stays!"

Tessie marched around Zar and the rug. She snatched the chairs, hooked one over each arm, and vanished. If she had a third arm, I am sure that the rug would be gone too.

For now, they are at opposite ends of the house. The trouble is, they have to shout loudly to fight now. About every five minutes or so, one will yell. There will be silence until the other thinks up a retort. On and on it goes.

Trust me. Even the shouting is better than the two of them with their heads together making plans. Now I can concentrate on other things for a few minutes at a time. For the time being, I am ahead of the game......

See you tomorrow.


De said...

I love the new background, Casey! And, you know Tessie and Zar will work things out and be plotting together again soon. ;-)

rosanna said...

Hi hi... you always make me chuckle.
I've been to watch Sherlock Holmes and he made me think of Zar. Loved the movie even though it's not Sherlock at all. Mini hugs to you al Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the compliments, ladies. The new background is from Elegia's Background Garden. If you want to see what she has, just push her name up in the top left corner of the opening screen.

As for comparing Zar to Sherlock, he is flattered. Nope. The movie isn't Sherlock, but it is fun to watch anyway. I loved it too.

MiniKat said...

Have you tried headphones to block out the noise? Or if you want real quiet I know a pair of shooting earmuffs would do the trick. I use them when we're out shooting and when I'm using the tablesaw.

I can't wait to see Zar's living room come to life. I bet he can't either. ;-)