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Monday, January 4, 2010

I Can If I Want To!

This morning Walter went back to work and so did I. I am on one of those first of the year kicks where I am in the mood to clean up and toss things that I haven't used in the past ten years, give or take a few.
Tessie volunteered to help. When I told her I was going to tackle the laundry closet first, she just stared at me like I was a lunatic and went up and sat in the corner of one of the shelves.

She looked around and stated, "This is the dullest laundry in the universe! It needs something to brighten it up."

I told her that could be her part of the job. I knew she wasn't going to be much help moving around laundry detergent and starch, not to mention all of the odds and ends that are stored in there.

While I was starting the fourth load of wash, she escaped. She stayed away for a long time....Long enough for me to straighten all of the shelves, clean the washer and dryer and pull out about 10(no exaggeration) no longer needed curtain rods that I had very wisely stowed beside the washer. We only have a limited number of windows in the house. Don't ask me why I was saving some curtain rods that didn't even fit any of said windows.

She came back with my hammer and a couple of nails. She then directed me to poke the nails in the walls on either side at a certain height. I think it was at a height that was comfortable for her to see when seated on the shelf.

Then she made me turn my back whilst she hung things. "OK. Now you can look."

I now have the classiest laundry closet in town, if not the universe.

She says that, at least she will have something to look at if she ever has to spend very much time in here.

After she convinced me to keep them there, I went on to empty the bathtub in the second bathroom.

The first job was to get the Mystery House back to the computer room. Tessie double checked to make sure that Cordelia was happy with it.

The white on the roof isn't snow. Mookie has a knack for jumping on the roof and then down to the inside of that particular dollhouse. I put an antique towel on the back side so that he can't see to jump down. It works. I pulled the linen over Mookie's eyes, so to speak. If he can't see what's there, he's not likely to jump down. At least that's the theory.

Lastly, I lugged the Clockwork cottage back to the Family room. Is it my imagination, or is that house getting heavier every time I move it?

I did at least get Zar's bedroom back in order, so that he will have a place to relax until I get back to work.

Zar, Tessie and Beau made themselves at home and once again, I started hearing names of houses being bandied about.....Does anybody have an idea as to how I can get these two at odds again?
When they are on the same side, they manage to get their way every time. I have to go make evil, wicked plans now...... Double... Double...Toil and trouble.....

See you tomorrow.


MiniKat said...

You could always convince Tessie that Zar's interested in romance. With her chasing him around the house they won't have time to plot. ;-)

Michelle said...

Ooooh I love the Mystery House, it's wonderful! :o)) I wish there were UK based suppliers of American dolls houses (I've not found any to date)...I know all the houses I'd love to own!

Happy New Year!

Michelle :o)

DollMum said...

Michelle: Hobbys stock the Greenleaf kits (it is where I bought my Westville 20 years ago, still not complete!)

Caseymini said...

DollMum, do you know of any that sell Dura-craft? That is what the Mystery house kit was. It's good to know that you can get Greenleaf. Those are some of my favorites.

Michelle said...


Your Mystery House is called the Linfield by Dura-Craft? I have found one US website (there were a lot if you google Dura-Craft) that sells this maker, I also found a US Ebay seller of this make too (they are Buy Now too!). I have listed the links below for you. :o))

Thank you sooo much DollMum, I have posted a comment on my blog.

Michelle :o))

Sans! said...

I love the mystery house too. Its the colours you used, Casey. The combination is perfect.

Caseymini said...

I guess I should have told you that it was a Linfield. Sorry. I found that out right after I started this blog back in Feb of 2008 and wrote about it in the first few entries. They made two different versions of the house. The one that I have seems to be the rarer one. It has a balcony over the front porch. The seem to still be selling the one without the balcony.