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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Come On In!

There are more new followers this morning!

The first is Ron Nelson of Atrisan of Ocala. He has the most amazing minitature buildings. He has just recently started blogging, but it is worth the trip to see what he has so far!

Next is Cheri of It's so very Cheri. Hers is a general blog, but interesting.

The third is Minialev She has five different blogs. I will give you the first mini blog and you can go to the others from there.
Come on in. Grab a cup of coffee and a cupcake. Welcome to the party!


RND said...

Thank you for visiting & mentioning my new blog Casey! I've met so many really nice people here, wishing I had started it a while ago :)

Norma Bennett said...

Love that gold coffee set!

Caseymini said...

Norma, the gold coffee set is one that I won from Debbie of Tiny Treasures last year. Thank you again Debbie!