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Sunday, November 15, 2009

While Tessie's Away......

Casey starts to play...... I was having such a good time. I crocheted another one of the washy thingies. Then I moved on to potholders to match.....Then Zar showed up.

Darn! I thought I was free until Tessie's return on Monday. Nope. You might know that she would do something to mess things up.

Zar came in carrying the mesmerizer. He said that Tessie paid him big bucks to keep an eye on me and to make sure that I kept working on the tea shop. Mercenary that he is, he didn't even mention his cottage and the fact that I wasn't working on it.

He told me that Tessie said that he should stand over me with the mesmerizer and keep me working. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the silly little gadget doesn't work on humans.

It didn't matter much. He was waving it around with one hand whilst trying to teach Beau to bark for a biscuit with the other hand.

I decided to go along with it for a while and went and printed off a page of tea and coffee boxes. I sat there for an hour and a half mindlessly cutting and folding as I watched a version of "The Time Machine" that I hadn't seen before. It was from a couple of years ago. Not the best version I have seen. Kind of weird in places. It felt like they made it up as they went along.

It did what I wanted it to do though. After about 10 minutes, Zar was totally involved in what was going on. It didn't matter that the time machine was only in it for about three minutes in the whole movie. He was enchanted.

I finished all but a few of the boxes that I printed. The only problem was....The movie ended before I ran out of boxes.

The spell was broken. I looked up to see that Zar was determined to have me finish the boxes. He was standing there with Tessie's Steampunk water pistol in his fist. He squirted me twice and threatened to empty it on me if I didn't get back to work.....He who has the weapon is the boss. I have to go finish the boxes now or I will be drenched with about a quarter teaspoon of water. Oh NO!!! I might melt!

Alas, Tessie will be back tomorrow with wild tales to tell....See you then.


Katie said...

Still have to catch up with the rest of your blogs....but first I wanted to tell you I like the idea of these spongy things!! And in such bright colors:) Love the tea boxes....and all the tea pots I've seen. Love that lacy stuff on the front of the house~ its beautiful!

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff....just wanted to tell ya I've been by! :)


Caseymini said...

Hey Katie! I am so happy that you and all the cats are back! LOL Say "Hi" to Fred and Ginger for me. Oh and don't forget Otis! I like your new photo album from the index pics!

dalesdreams said...

Lol, Zar said it before me... weren't you supposed to be working on... ;)

Looking forward to the update with Tessie.

I know, I'm behind. ;)