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Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing In Action.....

I knew that I shouldn't let Tessie wander off by herself. She is still not back..... I was starting to worry until her dragon flew in and dropped a rock, with a note attached, onto my head about fifteen minutes ago. It says, and I quote, "I am having too much fun with the rest of the witches. I am not leaving until about midnight. Don't worry. I should be home by the time that you get up in the morning. I expect the teashop to be in order when I get back. You are working on it, aren't you?" And it was signed,"Tessie The Terrible!".

I showed her! I haven't done a lick of work on the tea shop all day. I did some yard work and then I started deep cleaning the kitchen. I found stuff in the back of cupboards that I suspect Tessie bought and stored away. I certainly don't remember buying pickled bat ears! It was a very tiny can, so it had to be hers.

Anyway, since I don't have any work to show you, I will do the best I can with a couple of photos of old work and several websites to keep you busy.

First the photos. This is a 1/4" scale adobe house that I scaled down from a half inch pattern in Nutshell News years ago. The whole building is about 5 1/2" square(including the front patio) and 2 1/2" high.

It is constructed from 3/8" foam core and the beams are very thin barbecue skewers. The windows are made of plastic canvas painted black.

I made all of the furniture and accessories inside.

This last photo is of the wicker chair that sits on the front porch. It is made of sewing thread and #32 jeweler's wire. It is between 1/2" and 3/4" high. Sorry about the fuzzy photo. I didn't have time to drag out the tripod.

Now about the websites.... This one is a wonderful doll magazine with all kinds of useful information in the back issues. A lot of them are either for mini dolls or can be adapted. This one is a tutorial on how do do a nightgown that looks like it is smocked. Miss Shelly has been around for years, but her project page should be checked out every once in a while. She does put new things on and they are always fun to play with.

I am now going to go ignore the teashop and do some more kitchen cupboard cleaning.

See you tomorrow. Hopefully Tessie will have returned..... Oops! I mean Tessie The Terrible!

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