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Friday, November 20, 2009

Well....I finally got back to the rocks. I laid the rest of the porch this afternoon.

OK. So I have been dawdling. I had coupons to spend. What can I say? I went to Michaels and bought an unfinished shelf. I saved 6.00 on that one. Then I had to go get the new Steven King book at Borders....40% off. And there is no way you can go to Borders without looking at the craft section. I had a 30% off coupon for one book. I got a book on making copper wire jewelry. Altogether, there I saved over 27.00. That can't be all bad.....

Back to the front porch. I got about half way across with the rocks. Tessie was watching. She made herself comfortable on one of the ruffly dish washy thingies in the doorway. As I got closer and closer to where she was setting, I could tell that she was getting antsy...."You are going to fix the door sill so that I don't trip every time I go in and out. Aren't you?".

I think maybe she is just a wee bit prone to exaggeration. Most of the time, when she is going in and out, she doesn't even use the door. She zaps.

I am more worried about her customers. I know that, if someone sues her, I will be blamed for the accident. So I did a double thickness on half of the underside of the door sill so that it slants towards the outside. It worked pretty well.

As soon as I had it in place,before I had laid the rest of the stone, she had to try it out. "Well, I guess that will do. Now about the rest of the floor....Get to it and do it!"

I promptly left the room and took a short nap. I will show her! I did, eventually, get the rest of the stones laid. With her hanging out the window and directing me where to place things, it was finished in a hurry. I just wanted to get away from the boss.....

She is complaining now that the sidewalk has writing on it. "I don't want people to trip over all of those letters."

"Tessie, they can't possibly trip on printed letters." I said.

"They will get distracted and fall over their own big feet whilst reading. And besides, who wants to read about eggs anyway? What kind of rocks have egg messages on them?"

Does anybody want to answer this question for her? No. On second thought, don't try. I have the feeling that if we try to explain, she will insist that I tear it all up and use real rocks......

All I have to do now is take a ball stylus to all of the grout lines, patch the edge cracks and paint it. I have to hurry and get that part done before she figures out the it's egg cartons and not real rocks. Gotta go!

See you tomorrow.

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