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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sidetracked Twice.....

Remember the mess that Tessie and friend made in the workroom yesterday? I have been attempting to clean it up and put things in their place without much success.

I did get the Clockwork cottage returned to the family room, so at least I can walk around in the workroom without leaping over it. That thing is pretty high and I was getting fatigued doing the cleaning that way.

Anyway, every time I made any progress, something seemed to pop up in front of me that lured me away.

The first one, I do believe, Tessie zapped onto the floor under the worktable so that I would be tempted to start doing the foundation of the teashop. Yes!!! I found more egg cartons. There was enough hiding under there to do it. I could have sworn that I used them all. That's why I think that it was Tessie's doing. She really wants the work done on the teashop.

I finished doing the gluing and then went back to work. That lasted less than 30 minutes.

Then I found the wire whisks that I bought to rework as Christmas gifts. I found some that I could alter and make them fancy on top. Hey! They make Altered Trading Cards. Why not altered whisks?

I did a small one of these for April to stir with when she is making cosmetics. Seth liked it and wanted a "real" one for cooking. Seth, if you are reading this, don't look at the photos!

That took me over an hour to finish. The wire on those are reallllly tough to bend.

Did I mention that required taking out tools and a couple of boxes of beads.....One step forward in the cleaning and another one backwards. At least I didn't have to jump over a house to put the beads back....Yes. I did put the bead boxes back where they belonged.

I went back to the kitchen to see if the rock work was dry and ready for painting....Yes it was. Unfortunately, before I can paint the rock work, I have to rescue the whisk.

Tessie was sitting on her favorite tape dispenser, hugging the whisk. She was whispering "Pretty. Sparkly. I wonder if I can make it fly?"

Seth, if you are reading this. You are on your own. If you want the whisk, you are going to have to fight Tessie for it. The last I saw of it, it was floating around the room with Tessie on the handle! They are both gone now. I have no idea how she did it or where she is going with it.

I need to go work on the room some more now and see what other trouble I can get into.

See you tomorrow.


Norma Bennett said...

That troublesome Tessie! Gives "whisked away" a whole new meaning :) LOL

Love the 'altered' whisks idea, you are so clever!

And I'm so happy to know I'm not the only easily distracted 'dysfunctinal' crafter :) I still make 'to do' lists, just in case I forget what I am SUPPOSED to be doing!

Kathi said...

Beads. I'm having a love affair with beads right now! Love your altered wisks. Hope Tessie comes back with it soon!

Jo Raines said...

I am participating in a Bring Your Own Art sale December 5th and this is what I am spending my time doing trying to prepare: searching through bags and boxes for my rubber stamps and embellishments, looking through plastic storage boxes for lace, wondering where I put the tweezers I just had . . . . .

Kim said...

Casey- I love the whisk! I think I might try this to go with an apron I am making for a christmas present- what a wonderful idea! Thank you!!!