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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am a very bad blogger! I haven't welcomed any of the new followers to the party for a couple of weeks now. My only excuses are Thanksgiving and a ailing cat.

Anyway, here goes!

First there are Margriet and Brujita. I have no info on these two.

Next is Kiva of Kiva Miniatures. Lots of wonderful food to look at!

Then there is a special guest. Shana Moffett-Heyder is one of my daughter's best friends. She lives in Germany now, but keeps in touch with us still. Her son Gavin is one of Tessie's biggest fans. He heard his mother talking about me on the way to visit us and was a bit apprehensive about visiting a witch(me). When he got here, he decided that I was a good witch and it was ok to like me. I wrote about him and his visit in an earlier blog.

Next is Kindergarten Girl of Life's Adventures. She has an interesting blog about life in general....

Then there is The Lone Dollier. Her blog is Dolls, Etc. Lots of interesting things to see.

There is Vanesa of El Mini Mundo De Vane Many minis!

We have Marleen of Marleen's Miniaturen
She has some very nice minis and some tutorials.

Next is Mercedes of Liberty Biberty I have been a fan of hers for quite a while. I am honoured that she is now one of my followers. Great minis from New Zealand.

Niki of In Truer Ink is here. Hers is a general blog that is interesting to read.

Are you still with me? This is a long list. I must stop procrastinating.

Next is Minimaker of My Small Obsession. Lots of nice minis and tutorials.

Last but not least, is Patricia Cabrera. She has several blogs. I will send you to Woolytales Miniatures. The animals here are incredible. Be sure to go see the other blogs. She is an artist in several different areas.

Welcome to all of you! Please come in and wander around or sit a spell and have some coffee and a cupcake.

Regular blog follows shortly....


Margriet said...

Thank you for your welcome, I really enjoy reading the stories about Zar en Tessie :-)
If you want to know what I'm making, check out my weblog (it's in Dutch, sorry, but the pictures tell their own story ;-))

Liberty Biberty said...

Thanks for the welcome Casey!