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Friday, November 27, 2009

"That Batchelor Has a Really Great Chest!!"

Tessie's first words this morning. Her second words? "I want it!"

No. It wasn't a cute guy without a shirt. It was another one of the House of Miniature kits. The name on the box was Bachelor's Chest, so Tessie wasn't being forward. Well, maybe she was, but it wasn't about a man. It was about me building another piece of furniture.

She dumped all of the pieces out of the box onto the table and said, "Get Building! Now!"

I sometimes follow her orders when it is about building minis. The more of these kits I put together, the more will be out of the boxes and into actual mini rooms.

Anyway, I built. I found that she lost one piece, but it wasn't terribly important. It was the back of a drawer and easy to replace.

I am beginning to wonder about these kits. They are still cellophane wrapped from the company and two of the ones that I have built so far had pieces missing. Fortunately, both were easily replaceable.

I finished putting it together. Now all we have to do is decide what kind of finish to put on it.

She says that it will make a nice counter in the tea shop. It has a desk slide at the top, to make for counter space.

She has been harassing me for the past twenty minutes to start making table linens to fill the drawers.

I am very good at ignoring her sometimes.

For those of you following the Widget saga, he went to the vet this morning and had the staples taken out. He is still in for more antibiotics and anti-inflammatory stuff.

Unfortunately, we are still on kitty watch for a few more days. He does everything that Walter tells him to do. Me? He just looks at me and keeps doing whatever it is I am telling him not to do. I will be a happy camper when he is back to his normal self.

Back to work now.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

Best wishes to Widget and to you as well. Tessie anyway is right, the drawer will be cute in the tea shop.Hugs Rosanna

dalesdreams said...

Hope Widget gets better soon. :)

Kathi said...

Ahhh... poor Widget. Hope he feels better soon.
That chest would be perfect in a kitchen. Love the little slide out shelf.

Debbie said...

Glad to hear that Widget is on the mend Casey..
Casey is the Tea Room being built to distract a certain little Witch from a certain Manor House?..LOL

FabShabbyRoses said...

Poor Widget....poor you. A bit frustrating taking care of a cat! Dogs mind a bit better! Question....what do you use for glue when building these kits. I see you have not decided on a finish yet so you must have compatible glues. I hate doing the staining to the parts before I build, would rather do it after. But sometimes the glue causes issues with the stain. I too have a ton of these kits I should get out and put together. Oh wait...maybe a New Years resolution? YEAH RIGHT. We always keep those right? Carolyn