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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome and Awards...

We have several new party goers. First we have . I am correcting this one. Esen very kindly wrote and gave me the right addy for her blog. It is bright and beautiful, now that I have found it.
Then there is Daisy of Antique Daisy at She is just starting a blog. Please go see. Nice minis. There is also Chris V of Candid Canine She has several blogs. I will lead you to the first one which will lead you to the others. Go visit. Interesting stuff. Welcome to all. Have a cupcake and stay as long as you like.

Now about the awards. I have several people that have added to the awards list of Creatif Blogger. C. from Confessions of a Minin Addict . There was one in Spanish from Sofia, but I couldn't find a website for her. I am not sure which the award was.

Then there was the Dream Blog Award from Rosanna at La Stanza di Giuggiola
And also from Cristina at Crisminiaturas
And from Elosia at Casa De Bonecas De Elosia
And from Julie at Yummy Miniature Foods From the Crow

Thanks to all of you for passing on the awards to me. I appreciate each and every one. I have already done both of these awards before, so I am going to cheat and give them to all of my followers this time. Go and visit all of the above sites. You will be in for a treat at every one.

I am off to the TMS Miniature Show this morning. I will report back later today. I am NOT taking Tessie along! She would want one of everything!

See you later.


Kathi said...

Good morning Casey!
I have created a very special "Friendship Award" on my blog.
I'm really thankful to be able to call you my friend! Please click on over and pick up your award!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Have fun at the Show Casey. can't wait to see what Tiny Treasures you bring back. x

esen said...

Dear Casey
Firstly Iam very thank for your kindness.My blog adress is love your blog.Im from Turkey.Have a perfect weekend

Caseymini said...

Thank you Esen for the correct address. I changed it in the blog and now people will be able to come and see it. It is bright and wonderful.