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Friday, October 16, 2009

Porch Progress...

I am slowly , but surely gaining on the orphan front porch. Tessie is still insisting that I need to build a house behind it for her......Not in this lifetime. She is going to be lucky if I put curtains in the windows so that you can't see through to what's behind it.

I experimented with the trim this morning. I like the tan, but I am not sure if I like the severe black accents.

I will leave them for a day or two and see if they grown on me. Of course Tessie likes the black. She says that it will be good for Halloween. I don't really like the square posts, but I also don't really want to tear them out and start over either.

The reason for the black bits of trim is the front door. I always liked the effect of a black front door. I think that it will lend itself to any kind of decorations that I decide to put up for the season. On this photo you can see that I have started laying the floorboards. I should have that finished this afternoon.

I am afraid that Tessie is winning on the porch swing idea. I remember, when I was little, I used to love to sit on the front porch swing at my Grandma Daisy's and read for hours. That was my favorite spot at her house.

We have one on the back porch now. It is almost as good. It doesn't seem like people in Tucson sit out on the front porch. We all seem to like our privacy. It's too bad in a way. You don't see the world passing by when you sit in the back yard.

I do think that I am going to experiment with a porch swing. This porch is large enough that a nice sized one will fit at the left end, facing the door.

Tessie dragged the wicker from the greenhouse into the kitchen, where I was working and, all out of breath, maneuvered it into place. I asked why she didn't just zap it in....Her answer? "Oh! I forgot that I could do it that way." Senility could be setting in.

Working on the floor may be a bit difficult with her sitting right in the middle.....Maybe there is a method to her latest madness. She looked me straight in the eye and said,"If you build me a swing, I won't have to interfere with your floor. I will be up in the air."

I will grant you that this makes sense, but it seems to me it would be simpler for her just to move out of the way. I guess that it's time for another long lecture on logic and the lack thereof in this household.

See you tomorrow.


Sasha said...

Is that skinny sticks you're using for the floor? Did you pre-stain them? That's a good idea, as I always end up with glue on them which makes the stain look terrible!

C said...

Hi it looks great! I left you an award on my blog


DollMum said...

Do you think if you give Tessie a porch swing seat that she will sit for hours with a book as you did? (well you can always dream!). Maybe a swing seat will mean that she will sit still and let you get on with things (small hope).

Karin Corbin said...

I know you are good at carving.

A stop chamfer on the edges of the square post would be a nice detail to lighten up the heavy look of the post. A needle file would make the little curved detail at the end of the chamfers it can cut the chamfers too.

rosanna said...

Hi Tessie and Casey, I must agree that a swing is a nice idea, it's something I've always dreamed of. The black door is vry handsome and I love it. To be truthful I have never found something done by you which I do not like.Have a nice weekend Rosanna

Susanna said...

She has logic to the porchswing.. :)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

It's wonderful everything you have been busy doing recently. Everything is fantastic as always.
I love watching the American films where people sit on their swings on the front porch. I'd so love a house like that.
Nikki xxx

Begoña said...

it looks great!

Caseymini said...

Nikki, I don't know about the house, but here's free plans for a cute porch swing. Maybe you could find someone to make you one or better yet, you could make one in mini!