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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Got It Back!!

With a bit of trickery on my part, I got my tool case back. You should have seen it! Crumbs in all of the pockets and spots everywhere....No wait...My mistake. That's how the material is supposed to look.

Anyway, my excuse for taking it away and spoiling the slumber party was that I had to give it a good cleaning and finish it.

Tessie likes a nicely finished, clean, sleeping bag, so she let me have it. She keeps slyly smiling at me and asking what seven things she doesn't know about me.....Hmmmm....Where did I just hear that question?

Once I got it away from her, I doubled the binding and sewed open edges against the raw edges of the case. As you can see from the first photo, I did a quilter's trick of turning the corners. You sew up to the spot where you want to turn and then you maneuver the fabric so that there is a miter towards the center of the fabric. You lift the foot and reposition the needle on the other side of the fabric that sticks up and continue on. That allows you to make a perfect miter on both that side and the other side when you hand stitch that.

This is the outside of the bag where I have started blind stitching the hem. I wrapped the folded edge around and stitched it down to the outside. I also did snail trails all over the outer fabric with yellow Perle cotton in a running stitch. By the way, all of the embroidery was done in # 5 Perle.

Here's the outside of the finished case. The ribbon is attached in one place so that it can't be lost. It wraps around the case twice before tying the bow. That makes it pretty secure.

Now about the inside. I embroidered something on every pocket. No names of tools. It's more like words that describe what their function is. Poke the photo for a better look. The embroidery was just for fun, because I was bored.

Tessie is miffed because I tricked her into giving up the multiple pocket sleeping bag. I suspect that she will wait until my back is turned and then the tools will be scattered willy nilly and the case will disappear until it needs washing once more. That shouldn't be too long from now.

I will probably be doing one teeny tiny load of laundry again tomorrow.

See you then.


Katie said...

Oh Casey! I love the colors in it! So cheery. I have one like it, but it's plain colored. It was my grandmothers....and it houses all her paintbrushes. :)

Kathi said...

How very clever. Love the words on the pockets!

Deni said...

Aww your a party Pooper! hahahah!
No wonder Tessie is mad lol
The colours are bright and pretty! I luv blue too!
Clever girl you are Casey, very clever indeed~
I guess you can always make another for Tessie, just remind her the more she wants, the later the house will come, that may keep her quite for a few days at least!

Julie Old Crow said...

there's an award waiting for you on my blog!

I just adore this blog--and I really,really love Tessie. She deserves that!

Julie Old Crow