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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get Up and Go....

As my dad used to say...My get up and go, got up and went. I am not exactly sure what that actually means, but he said it when he had no pep or energy. That was me today.

I did manage to clean out my closet to get ready for winter.(Yes. We have winter here in AZ, contrary to popular belief.) I also made enchiladas and baked chocolate chip cookies, both from scratch. I didn't say I had a lot of enthusiasm, but I did it.

I searched around for something mini to do. All I could muster up was another easy way to make baskets. I am sure that a lot of you already know this method, but I haven't touched on it yet.

It is another needlepoint canvas type. I have also experimented with hardanger cloth for these too. It works. I imagine almost any stiff fabric would do.

The only things you need are canvas, a form to shape them on, water, glue,rubber bands or string to hold and small scissors.

I cut small squares of canvas that would fit over the forms. In this case, I used some dowel scraps. For a round basket, I used one dowel. For an elongated one, I used two glued together.

I wet the canvas and stretched the corners as hard as I could to make the canvas conform to the shape. I put the rubber band around it and pulled the corners some more. As long as it is wet, you can keep pulling and shaping. The object is to get all of the creases out of the sides.

Now walk away and leave them alone until they dry. I was sitting under a fan, so it didn't take long at all. Take the rubber bands off and loosen the basket carefully with a pair of tweezers or the end of your scissors.

When you are sure that it is loose enough to slip off, either braid or twist some of the unraveled thread Let it dry and then take the basket off of the form. Cut off the excess canvas above the edge. Now you can add a handle if you wish or you can leave it plain like the long one in the photo. I will use that one for a bread basket and it won't need one.

Tessie watched the whole process from her place on the lamp. I think that I am going to have to put the lamp somewhere else. On my work table it makes for a good observation deck.....And a place from which to pounce on new items as I finish them. She has already confiscated the handled basket.

She says it's a good place for her eggs....."But not all of them. You should never put all of them in one basket! Therefore, you will have to finish the other round one too." she observed. "And I could use a good bread basket too."

Well....So much for today. She can wait until later for the other ones. I am off to check the enchiladas.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Okay... maybe I could do THIS?
I'll give it some thought.

Deni said...

Oh these are great!!!
After I get around to making the bed tray I may get time to have a turn making these
I really like making hats this way!

mr. pineapple man said...

wow...this is awesome!