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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Truely Accident Prone....

Today I finished some examples for the basket making class that I am going to teach at the museum.

Tessie was flitting in and out, keeping an eye on what I was doing. I had some of my other baskets from the basket shop out. She kept trying to snatch the old ones.

She would say, "you don't need this one, do you?" Grab the basket and run. She got one to put apples in and I noticed when she showed it to me, she was holding it up in a strange way so that I couldn't see all of her face.....

I asked her, "Tessie, what's the matter with your face?" At first she wouldn't answer.

Then she started working on another basket and I saw it.

The tip end of her nose was missing!

"Tessie! What happened?"

Tearfully she said, "I was spying on Zar and fell off the bookcase. I broke my spyglass."

"No Tessie, I mean what happened to your nose?"

"Oh that? It must have fallen off."

"Tessie. Noses don't just fall off." I said.

She replied, "They do if you don't look where you are going and fall off of a seven foot bookcase!"

I almost laughed. I didn't though. I was nice and, good surgeon that I am, I promised to fix it right away.

"It won't hurt, will it?"

"No. It will be kind of hot for a while though." I said. Other than that it will just tickle and make you sneeze."

We are now off to the kitchen to do some patching. She is getting the same nose that she had before. And she is NOT going to be any taller.

Maybe this will teach her not to spy on others...........Probably not.....

See you tomorrow with a new nose. I mean Tessie, not me.


DollMum said...

Did you find the chipped off nose? I hope this does make her think a bit before she spies on Zar again, though she will probably consider it is worth the risk!

Karin Corbin said...

That girl is such a prevaricator I think she is in real danger of having her repaired nose grow longer like Pinocchio.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Casey. Oh lol at Tessie breaking her nose. I wonder where the little bit is? You should look for it and keep as a reminder she needs to stop spying (nosing), lol.
I hope she returns as good as new and the baking part is not too bad for her. Porr Tessie baking in the oven.
I wish i lived near you so i could attend the basket making class. I have tried but each time failed and it would be nice to learn from somebody in the know.
Best wishes to Tessie for her patching!
Nikki xxx

Caseymini said...

You're right Karin. She tried to tell me that her nose was shrinking because she had been being TOO truthful! Maybe I should just wait and let it grow back naturally. LOL

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Casey. I have posted on my blog about Debbie asking her friends if they would like to join in. You can find the info on my blog.
Nikki x

dales_dreams said...

that is just too funny! :)