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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Ready For My Closeup......

The nose job was a complete success. Tessie has her old nose back. I put just a dab of Liquid Sculpey on to hold it in place, then the piece that I had to add was about the size of a seed bead. We did it with little or no pain.

Tessie is a brave soul. She turns lemons into lemonade sometimes. She went into the oven without a whimper. When she came out she said she loved the ten minutes in the tanning salon!Weird witch.

In fact, for an hour and a half after she got out of the "tanning salon" she sat in her director's chair admiring the new nose job.

It looks pretty much the same as it did before. However........There is one mystery photo.
I am not sure how it happened, but in this shot her nose looks perfectly straight....Long, but straight. She says that she is going to use this one as a publicity photo if the opportunity arises.
The nose does still have the bump that it had before. Here. Look at this shot. I made her sit in front of the dark French door in her TV room so that you could see.

From this angle, I'm not sure that the bump isn't worse. I suspect witchcraft in the photo above. She just couldn't hold on to the straightening spell for long.

She announced that she is going to be spending the rest of the day in recovery. She has settled down in the bedroom. There is a plate of Mexican food and a glass of Sangria on the side table. She made me fetch her a spell book to study and then ordered me to turn on the giagantic screen TV and put in a Buffy DVD. She likes the ones with "Willow, the witch girl". she has watched most of them so many times that she knows exactly which ones are heavy with witchy stuff.

This means that she will not be getting into mischief whilst I am at Wednesday Witches mini meeting. My fingers are crossed, also eyes and toes. If anyone can get into trouble from an easy chair, it's Tessie.

See you tomorrow.


Ara said...

I am so glad Tessie got her nose back!!! I can only imagine how much Zar chuckled at her through all of this! -ara

Ascension said...

Hola!!!!!!!!!!me encantan tus trabajos, tu blog es una pasada.besitos ascension

Tina said...

Casey, Now you add plastic surgeon to your list of qualifications..
Tessies nose looks like before..Thankfully it didn't change her appearance drastically.
Of course if I must say and I must, I think Tessie might have had a twitch of the nose or 2 in the final outcome..hehee..

Kathi said...

A smile and a wink are all I can do. Tessie is just so cute!

Sans said...

You know, if not for the nose job, I will probably never see Tessie in such close proximity. Her nose is perfect, for a witch. I need a nose job too as my Jai's face was found stuck to the trousers of Raj one day when I left all 4 of them in my box. Part of Jai's nose is still on that trousers.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I am so glad the new nose went to plan and with little fuss.
I was thinking of Tessie in the oven and hoping she wouldn't complain.
It's good to see her as good as new and resting after the ordeal.
Nikki x

Julie Old Crow said...

Tessie!! I knew we were kindred spirits. I adore BtVS, and Willow is one of my heroes, too.

LOVE the new nose. Can you send me the nose straightening spell???

Julie Old Crow

Debbie said...

So pleased to know that Tessie's nose surgery went well. Looks like we've both been in the wars.. xx