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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Road Trip Continues.......

Contrary to all of the worries we were having, Tessie's deportment is very good, so far.

This morning she discovered "The GRRREAT Outdoors!". That is the exact emphasis that she puts on the phrase. She sounds a bit like Tony the Tiger when she says it.

We ate breakfast on the patio. When she got bored with feeding the grackles toast crumbs, she and Spike went exploring. She found the retaining wall around the flower beds and used it as a path. It is about two feet high and it gave her a good view of the area.

Next she got brave and went into the wilds. I got a couple of photos when she was climbing one of the lava boulders. It was covered with vines and she found it a little rough going. I will say that I admire her tenacity. She wasn't too happy that Spike was always two steps ahead of her and sat above her with a grin on his face when she managed another step in the journey.

By this time, Walter had left to play golf. I had to
Tessie-sit all by myself. I figured that I should stick close. I didn't want to have to sen out a ten man posse to search for her later.

I found that she had a destination in mind. She wound up in the branch of a hollow tree a few feet from our door......She was carrying on an animated conversation until she spotted me with the camera. Then I saw a flash of green that wasn't leaves. She claimed that it was a garden fairy....Sure it was.....She says that they don't like to be photographed because they believe that the camera steals a bit of their magic each time it happens. Since I didn't really see what moved, I suspect that it was just a lizard.There are lots of those around here. And besides, Spike hates fairies. He would have been running the other way if it had been one.

Since she couldn't con me into believing in her fairy, she decided it was time for clothes shopping. I didn't tell her that I stayed up late sewing. I just presented her with a couple of new outfits. I am not stupid! I am keeping her away from malls and department stores. If I have my way she will never hear the words "Saks Fifth Avenue".

She has a whole new dress made of antique material that has pin tucks every quarter of an inch. I edged the bottom and the sleeves with antique lace. It is a pretty basic dress that she can dress up or down.

Here you see her in the new apron. She is standing in front of the room service menu. I think that they must order the food from somewhere else and double the price from the look of it.

As soon as Walter gets back, we are going to Scottsdale Fashion Square for lunch and a movie. I am hoping that, by noon, Tessie will be tuckered and ready for a nap. After all of that lava climbing,I think that there is a good chance.....Wish me luck.

We will be heading home tomorrow. I will probably wait until we arrive to post. See you then.


Kathi said...

Tessie looks like she was having fun in the GREAAATE outdoors! Her new dress and apron are beautiful! Hope she doesn't ruin it with her outdoor play!

Deni said...

Oh her dress is really lovely cute apron too
I think Spike is really taking a long look at that menu, thinking my goodness What are Kosher Hot dogs????lol

Katie said...

Oh Casey! I love Tessie's new apron! It's really pretty!! :)