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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project Mini Runway.....

It was about time.....The last time Tessie changed her clothes, she only changed the apron and the vest. It was time for all new stuff from the body out.

She greatly dislikes change, especially in clothing. I first had to talk her out of the old ones. She got very indignant and said that she would only allow me to make new ones if I used the handkerchiefs that I bought months ago, with all of the beautiful embroidery. I don't think that the clothes that I make with those will last too long. They are a bit fancier than Tessie's usual garb.

She immediately wrapped herself in one of them and refused to let me have it back. It's just a good thing that there were two of them. The both have holes in the very center, so I don't mind cutting them up. If they were in better shape I would probably keep them and maybe even frame them. They are really pretty.

Here she is in the new costume. She is holding one of the old sleeves. It was in rags. The lace was not attached in a couple of places on that sleeve and some of the lace was also coming off of the bottom of the skirt.

I basically made the same dress that she always wears. I used the hankie for the apron. I used a corner of it on the diagonal to take advantage of the embroidery. Poke the photo and you will be able to see it better....I think....

The whole thing is just a simple gathered skirt, pantaloons and sleeves made of a white hankie with a hemstitch to run the ribbon through and the vest is just black figured calico.

Here's the back. She wanted a big bow for the apron. I did it and now I am going to have to re do it. She wanted it, but the bow gets in the way when she wants to sit in a chair or ride a dragon(or iguana).

So now I have to go take the bow off of the back as per the boss' orders. Why do I listen to her in the first place? She always finds a way to make twice the work of every task.

Back to bow making.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Thanks for your help with my little cross stitch project!
I love Tessie's new dress. It's beautiful!

MiniKat said...

The new outfit looks great!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Cute new dress for Casey and love the bow! When I was a young bride (long time ago) I made myself a dress in a pretty floral fabric with a bow across the rear end. After church in the parking lot, Big Marion Gramling, one of the biggest cut-up's, loudly proclaimed, "That's the biggest bow I've ever seen!"

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Julie Old Crow said...

She looks lovely! Hankies always make the nicest outfits. The bow is suh-weet! But I know what you mean about it interfering with their fun, sigh.

Julie Old Crow

Katie said...

Tessie looks fabolus! Loved the bow, ashame she can't keep it....maybe a smaller one would work???

Marja said...

it is a beautyull dress..
tessie looks great!
love de bow..

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lovely new outfit for Tessie.
She must feel wonderful with her new clothes and new nose.
Nikki x

Ara said...

What a wonderful idea to make dresses from beautiful old hankies! I like Tessies new dress... and the bow :) -ara