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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clothes Make the Woman........

Well.....I made the bow smaller this morning. Tessie made such a fuss and, let me tell you, if she ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

I had to make it smaller twice and it still wasn't quite how she wanted it. She made Zar stand behind her and re tie it until it was almost worn to a frazzle. She had the dogs and Theo watching from the front to see if it looked right.

Finally, Zar refused to re tie it anymore and Tessie stomped off to her favorite dragon to test it out......She was right.....And we all know how Tessie loves being right.

The skirt was about the same width as the old one, but no lace at the bottom, so it didn't give as much when she got on the dragon. She refuses to ride side saddle.

She made the statement that "Hiking my dress up to my elbows in order to ride is NOT lady like!" I have to admit she is right. I just made it to her specifications. She forgot that part.

Now she is insisting on another whole new outfit. It must be dragon ride-able. It must be lady like.....No split riding skirts. It must still be white. That's the only thing that she now likes about this dress. The white is like the old one.

After all of that work yesterday, the ungrateful wretch wants me to start over. In fact, she is marching back and fourth across the desk with a newly made sign. She will stop and rant at anybody that will listen.....she is now whining that the first outfit that she had was just fine. She hasn't liked anything I have made for her since!

Zar and the animals just left me alone with the madwoman that is Tessie.

As they did, Zar turned with a grin and said to me,"It's your turn!"Sometimes he is just plain mean!

I guess I will go handle it now.....Someone hand me the scissors, and a needle and thread! I promise not to sew her mouth shut.....Maybe just a little glue?

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Poor Casey! You can never seem to do enough for her, huh! Could you put a slit up the back so she could ride her dragon....Or what about pants? You know those long skirts than are actually pants??

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Really visually interesting. Well done!