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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Musical Chairs.....

I am still messing around with prototypes for the classes. I am afraid that it is going to be boring until after Thursday morning when we finalize things. Please hang in there. I promise I will get back to the good stuff after that.

Tessie got the mess from the pies cleaned up all by herself. When I looked in on her she was fuming about me not telling her that she couldn't make pumpkin pies with the ones that she stole. At least she remembered that she could use a spell to clean up the mess, so I didn't have to do it.

It seems that the apron has the power to make her want to work.....I am not sure how I did that, but I am going to have to see if I can repeat the action.

She came in when I was cutting the wood for the wicker furniture and "helped" by sitting on top of the saw and telling me what to do. Mookie was right behind her, egging her on. Or maybe he just wanted food.

Anyway, the first wicker chair turned out fine, but it had way too many twists and turns to explain to a bunch of people trying to do it. I needed to tweak it here and there.

Rather than tear that chair apart, I opted to begin again at the beginning so that I could write it all down. I can't show you the new one. It isn't finished. I can show you the old one........If I can get Tessie out of it. She took it over as soon as I started the new one.

She has been sitting there all day. She makes suggestions, very strong ones, on how to make the new one. Never mind that she has no idea how to make a wicker anything. She just thinks that her two cents will make anything better. She's not helping a lot.

She uses the wire cutters for a foot rest. Every time I need them, I have to ask permission to use them. At that point, she heaves a heavy sigh and daintily lifts her feet. She sits there impatiently, waiting for me to put them back under the feet that she is holding up in the air. Heaven forbid that her feet would have to touch the lap desk where I work.

I finally got her out of the chair by asking her to get me more wire. Now you can take a look at it.
As she came back she said,"You do have more of that cloth, don't you? I am going to have to have more for the curtains."

Why did I automatically ask, "What curtains?...." When will I learn?

"For the sun room in Spiderwort Manor of course! I will need a matching settee and a tea table. The tea table will be skirted, so it will need a tablecloth and some napkins of co ordinated fabric. Maybe a stripe or a check?"

The last I saw of her, she was knee deep in one of the fabric drawers. Material was flying in every direction. I heard a low growl....."There had better be more yellow....."

I certainly hope that there is more yellow. I don't want to have to tell her there isn't.....Would you?

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

That chair looks impossible to make.
So much detail... I have no idea how you do that?! Are you going to share your immense and wonderful knowledge with us or shall I just continuing bowing in your direction?

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I won't be sharing the chair for the time being. I am teaching some classes at the new museum and people, hopefully, will pay for them. It wouldn't be right for me to give them out for free on my blog. Sorry about that.

Practice on the baskets for now.;-)

Deni said...

Mm I also think the chair would be beyond me, you have very talented fingers Casey!
I would luv to try the baskets but not sure where I could get the wire, I could easily make the basket bases
I will have a look at the BMEA show this Sunday in Brisbane to see if anyone has a kit!

Caseymini said...

Deni, I use cloth covered floral wire. Any craft store would carry it here. Maybe if you can't get it where you are, you could find it on line. It would be much cheaper than buying a kit. I have never seen any kits here. There are very few people that make them. I assume that you are talking about the coiled baskets. I hope that you will be able to find the wire.Good luck!

marlies said...

I love the chair, is verry beautiful. I can imagine tessie wants him.
* marlies