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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oops! I have been otherwise engaged most of the day. What with the class work and Wednesday Witches mini meeting, I have not done much else.

The world is getting smaller by the day. Joan, one of the WWs. was telling us about her latest trip back to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. She told me that, while she was there talking to a friend, June Von Dullen, my name came up. I guess she asked Joan if she was acquainted with Casey Rice. Joan said that she was my friend and the lady started talking about this blog and how she reads it all the time..... Hi June, if you are reading this. I am happy that you like the blog. Thanks for reading.

I am almost done with the prototypes. The meeting is tomorrow morning at nine. I have locked Tessie in her cage so that I can get some serious work done tonight. Don't worry. She has Friskie and a Ouija board for company. She should be fine for a few hours. Actually, I think she is enjoying it. I just heard her ask the Ouija board when Casey was going to stop being a grouch. The Ouija board answered "Tomorrow she should be fine." Tessie is smart. She has settled in for the night.

Now. To keep you busy until tomorrow, I am sending you to look at all of the yummy workshops for the Tom Bishop show 201o. There are lots of wonderful things to drool over. I will be back tomorrow as close to normal as I ever am......No remarks about how un-normal I usually am. I am fine.....Honest......Perfectly normal....Most of the time....Sometimes.....Once in a while......

See you tomorrow.

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The Carolina Quilter said...

That Tessie is one adaptable little witch. She will be fine in her cage! And see, you are famous all over the land?!

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