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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cruel and Unusual Punishment.....

I'm not sure whether that refers to Tessie being in the dungeon or me cleaning up after myself..... I got up at 4:30 AM and the first thing that I did was let Tessie out. She went off in a huff, saying "The nerve of some people! I didn't get a wink of sleep!" I think she went home and went straight to bed.

That gave me time to finish what little I had left to do before I left for the museum.

We got most everything settled for the classes. I will be teaching a beginning mini class about tools and other things that people need to know to get started. They will also be doing a small vignette. Then there will be a 3 session basket making class, and the first of 2010 there will be a 6 session class, making 3 pieces of wicker. There will be others, but these are the first ones that will be listed.

Anyway, by the time I returned home, Tessie was up and running. She was on her high horse. First I found her lecturing Friskie about keeping the work area clean. This was on the dining room table, where I had the sewing machine set up.Poor Friskie(In case you don't know, Friskie's name is spelled that way because that is how it was spelled on a food bowl that I purchased for him a long time ago.....25cents at a garage sale in Iowa.). He was cringing and backing slowly away, trying to escape. It usually takes a lot to scare an alligator. Not when it's Tessie shaking her finger and ranting. I noticed that she was not mentioning all of the times I have had to clean up her messes.

I sneaked off to another room. The wrath of Tessie is not a good thing. I got the vacuuming done and started putting things away.

There was Tessie on the kitchen counter. This time she was lecturing Theo. I don't think that it bothers Theo much. He is just a little tiger and he still doesn't understand the big words.

Tessie saw me and yelled at me for not covering the pin box. I have to say that she was right on that one. I am a bad, bad pin person. Theo could have eaten half of them while I was away.

"And YOU left the glue open too!" she said. I was starting to cringe. I kept cleaning.....

She ran into Zar in the bedroom. He barely had room for his bike because of the mess in there. I heard Tessie say, as I walked into the room..."And she locked me in the dungeon all night. Here's the proof. She took out the gargoyles so that she would have room for my easy chair!" Hey! At least I didn't make her sleep on the floor....

I know that I promised to be back to "normal" today.....It is happening in stages. The more I get cleaned up and put away, the more normal I become. At least that's the theory.

By the time I go to bed tonight, I should be myself again. The only thing is, I don't think that I am going to get a lot of sleep. I heard Tessie inviting everyone she could find to her place. "We are going to listen to LOUD music and sing along just for good measure." Do you think that she might be planning this party to get even for an evening in the dungeon?

I will see you tomorrow. I will be the one with an ice pack, a bottle of aspirin and disintegrated earplugs.


Deni said...

Oh would I luv to be at your workshops, would really like to learn the basket weaving for sure!
Im sure you had Fun! I do hope Tessie behaves while you so busy!

Julie Old Crow said...

Poor Tessie! But you have to admit--when she seeks revenge, she plans it in high style! The loud music is bad enough, but the singing along!!! Even worse!!

Julie Old Crow

FabShabbyRoses said...

Oh how I wish I could attend the classes. How wonderful for everyone that can attend. Boohoo for me!