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Monday, September 21, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust!

This morning I fought with all my might against cleaning in the workroom. I was so desperate that, when I got back from shopping, I cleaned out my half of the garage. Yes. We kind of have an imaginary line down the center of the garage and take care of our own side. That way I don't toss anything that's on Walter's side and he doesn't toss out the very important stuff on my side.You know, like pieces of Styrofoam, cardboard and a stack of sandpaper that I bought at a garage sale for a quarter. How could I resist? It was new, full sheets and a two inch pile. Anyway, I can actually walk all the way around my car now without snagging on something.

After I finished that, there was no excuse not to go into the dreaded workroom. The "another one" that I refer to is this bookcase. Hey! Don't knock it! I also cleaned the floor around it and can now walk in and out without tripping.

I will now show you the "after" shot of the view from a couple of days ago.....No! You can't see the other side of the room yet. At the rate that I am going, it will be about two weeks from now, however it will be really clean. Honest!

Thanks to Tessie, I am not going completely around the bend cleaning. She is keeping a close eye on things. As I was doing that bookcase she decided that the next thing I should do was not clean anymore. She found four straw hats that need decorating. She says that she will keep three and Spike can have the fourth....How generous....They aren't hers yet and she is giving them away. Although I do think that the hat does something for him....

Now you know what I will be doing between laundry and cleaning for the rest of the day. Tomorrow there will be more finished hats. I guess that I will have to make some hat stands to go with them.

See you then.


Karin Corbin said...

A few years ago I read a book on keeping things organized. The book changed my mind set about cleaning. If I had to clean for hours on end nothing would get done and indeed things were always chaos.

The book said to tackle cleaning in 5 minute increments. Any one can handle 5 minutes of cleaning time if they know there is an end to it and it also takes away that feeling of dreading spending all day on the task. Five minutes usually turns into 10 or 15 once you get started. You can do it several times a day if you like.

The manufacturing places I have worked at over the years all require the last 15 minutes of the day be spent in cleaning. So realistically even 8 hours of hard work can be cleaned up in 15 minutes. Every once in a while they will have all the workers stop and clean for 30 minutes. That usually happens if someone is coming through on a tour.

I don't usually clean at night as I am tired when I am ready to stop and vacuums are noisy beasties. Therefore I have to fit in 5 minutes here and there while I am working. I set a task I can accomplish in that amount of time such as clear a countertop, vacuum the floor, put all the small tools away.

It works with kids as they are much better with 5 minutes at a time of cleanup rather than an Saturday afternoon of chores.

C said...

Hi Casey I left you award at My blog


MiniKat said...

At least you've got progress on something. :-) I'm nowhere near that for anything that I'm supposed to be working on. ;-)

I do think the hat Spike's wearing looks good on him. The question is, does he like it?

Ara said...

Congrats on getting things cleaned out!! The after picture is looking good! Sounds like Tessie is a good task master - haha.

Debbie said...

Spikes Hat is a tad too big..LOL