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Sunday, September 20, 2009

OK. That's Enough Of That!

I started out with reallllly good intentions this morning, but then I usually do. It's just that once things get started I stop and ask myself "What was I thinking?"

I went back to straightening in the workroom. I started in a different corner this time. I thought that would give me new incentive....I have one bookcase totally cleaned out and re booked. I then moved to the left and did the little hanging shelf.

I cringed when I got to the desk. Someone has been piling things on it for a month.....I looked up the date for the last cleaning. (See? Blogs are good for something.) It was the middle of August. And to answer your question before you ask...No. I didn't finish then.

I decided that if I am going to be serious about this, there should be a method to my madness. I am putting books together by subject, yet again. It seems that there are gremlins that come in at night and their job is to carry books from room to room and just stick them in any place that they can find a spot big enough.

Anyway, back to the desk. From this photo you should be able to tell why I dislike working in this room. It is so dark.
By the time I got there, Tessie had pulled up a chair and foot stool to watch. What you are seeing is the 'after' shot. She couldn't even find a spot big enough for that little chair when I started. She was miffed, to say the least.

I am so proud. I cleaned out the pencil and pen pots, all the drawers and even underneath where I keep lost and lonely kits for room boxes and smaller houses. It is getting low under there. I must have done a few things and finished them this year.

After I finished the desk I had good intentions. I was going to move on to the next bookcase.....Then I looked back where Tessie was sitting. That was a silly thing to do. She had decided that I should stop and go work on the wire cutter handles some more, and she had enlisted help. Now I ask you, could you work with Mookie staring at you with a look that said he was starving and needed food and Tessie staring off into space, mumbling "She's never going to finish, never going to finish. Never. Never. Never......"

At least now I have two good excuses to quit for the day....I have to feed the cat and quiet the witch. I can't stand the staring and mumbling. I quit!

See you tomorrow.


Uneekdolldesigns said...

I certainly know that feeling! I am constantly having to reorganize and clean things work area is a mess!!

MiniKat said...

I have about given up on trying to use my workroom as a work area. It's turned into a glorified closet... and a messy one at that. ;-)

Julie Old Crow said...

It's not gremlins moving your books. I'll give you a hint: it starts with a T and ends with an essie. I am sure of it!

Julie Old Crow
who needs to clean the workshop too!

Creager Studios said...

Hi Casey..
WOW.. that all sounded so familiar..the elusive cleaning and organizing project..only to have it quickly fall back into the hands of the Messy Land Monster...UGH!
At times I give up..while other times I feel strong and think I will 'beat it' ..if nothing else it has turned into a fun Game...

Best of Luck