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Monday, August 31, 2009

"Move Over! I'm Coming Through!"

I was in the living room putting up new curtain rods in the "big people house", as Tessie calls it, when I heard the above, title words..... When you hear Tessie yelling some thing like that and her cottage whooshes past your ear, you know there is going to be trouble.

I was at the top of the step ladder and by the time I got the rod fastened in place several other small houses whizzed by! I went down the ladder as quickly as I could and followed the Basketmaker's Cottage. It was like watching a house shaped helicopter. It spun around back to front and settled gently atop the bookcase in the family room.

That's when I realized that three shops that had been up there, weren't. There was the Buttercup Bookshop, right where it should be. Nestled next to it sat Tessie's cottage, not where it is supposed to be. Beside that was the basket shop, settling nicely on it's foundation. As I watched in amazement, the Spiritus Frumenti , a gentleman's bar, perched on the end of the shelf.

Logic would dictate that whatever had been there was shifted to the chest in the living room where Tessie's Cottage and the basket shop had been before. I went in there and the quilt shop, the teddy bear shop and the miniature shop were sitting, as nice as you please, on the chest.

I guess that my rearranging furniture is catching. I went back and looked in the family room again and asked, "Tessie. Are you quit finished now?" She and Zar were in front of her house. He didn't look at all comfortable. It's a long drop to the floor and he can't fly!

Tessie disappeared for a minute and then she was back. She said, in a snide tone"Yes. I am quit finished now." I went in the bedroom to see what else she had disturbed. A room box that had been in the living room in a corner was now sitting on top of the tall chest. It was positioned so that a small person.... witch.... Tessie could watch TV.

She zapped Zar back to his workspace. Then she motioned for me to come into the bedroom where he couldn't hear.

"There is an explanation for the moves. I wanted my house where I could keep an eye on his doings. Where it was, I couldn't see around the corner. Where it is now, I will be able to see everything that goes on down there!"

I said "But Tessie, that's spying and infringing on his privacy."

She stomped her foot and said" I don't care! He is not going to get away with hypnotizing me and keeping me out of the workroom again! I don't trust him one bit. And besides, it makes shopping at the book store so much easier. Next door is a good place for it."

I bit my tongue and didn't mention the castle just the other side of the bookstore......I caught her eyeing it a few days ago. Sorry Tessie. It's already occupied.

For now, I am going to leave things where they are. I don't feel like getting up on a stepladder to move everything back. I don't have the mad skills to zap things around like she does.

I may just have to move the one room that she put in the bedroom to watch TV though. She is one of those people that has to comment on everything that is happening. And when she's not commenting, she's asking questions. I keep having to shush her. It is most annoying.

Anyone know a good, non witchy moving company? See you tomorrow.


Deni said...

You may like to send Tessie over to my place I could use a someone clever to fix up and send my roomboxes into another place all neat and tidy like that without me lifting a finger lol!
Just Luv the happenings around you house Casey! It is wonderful!

Debbie said...