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Monday, June 29, 2009

What Do You Get?

For the witch that wants everything? I think that is what April was asking herself when she went looking at the Seattle Art Museum shop last week. Only she could find something like this in an art museum!

April and Seth took us to lunch at Red Lobster today to celebrate a late Father's day. When we got there April told me to hold out my hand and close my eyes........I am a trusting mother, so I did as I was told. When I opened my eyes I was holding a rubber chicken. Not just any ordinary rubber chicken like bad comedians and jugglers use. No! This one was an actual miniature rubber chicken. April assumed that I would pass it along to Tessie. I think that she reasoned that Tessie, in all probability, didn't yet own one.

Tessie is enchanted with it and every time she looks at it she starts giggling. Then she chants"I have my very own rubber chicken! Mine!" Then she starts cackling like one.....

Meanwhile, over at the Clockwork Cottage, Zar has started sorting the wheels and counting the cogs. He is almost as bad as Tessie. He picks up a wheel and twirls it around, fits it against a few other wheels to see how the cogs line up then chortles when he finds one that meshes with another. He is more or less in a world of his own. To use a terrible pun,(is there any other kind?) I can see the wheels in his head turning while he makes plans for the use of said cogs, wheels, mainsprings and other bits and pieces. I think he is one step closer to his "Time Machine".

Tessie pulled him away with promises of seeing something neat that she just received. It was supposedly much better than his old clock parts.

She lured him over to the table where she was watching me work and made him pose with her to commemorate the event. She wanted everybody to see her gift.

The book that she used as a backdrop makes a great seat. She most assuredly has never read it. It was written in 1881 and tells ladies and gentlemen how they should behave at all times. Since she never does, I am assuming that she likes it because it is just the right height for her to sit on and play with her chicken.

Since the two of them are entertaining each other with the showing of gifts, I think that I will go back to uninterrupted work for as long as I can. I am sure that the peaceful state will not last.

See you tomorrow.


April said...

I am happy that the chicken was to Tessie's liking. I think the new blog design is cool too!

Katie said...

Love Tessie's new chicken, That is way cool!!! LOL!! Love her choice in background, it's very Tessie:)

And I happened to notice that Zar has a bottle already on his that to help him think??

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

Tessie is really cool! very nice present she got...i hope she has fun!

Tabitha Corsica said...

hehe...a rubber chicken...what a hoot! Only in Tessie's world... And I also noticed that bottle of something on Zar's worktable. Probably just some Special Tonic...for those difficult times. :-)

dora said...

Tessi, está encantada con su pollo, que hará mañana?.

Marlene said...

I know a song about a rubber chicken, shall I send the words to Tessie, love your backdrop.
Thanks for your comments ref Fareham, yes we do feel blessed living where we do.

Sans said...

That is the best dead chicken I have ever seen in mini! Looks like you finally succumbed , Cassie, although I must say this "pooshay" background is surprisingly you. Even the book is "pooshay". Nice!

MiniKat said...

Love the chicken! What's Zar got in the bottle?