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Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh! The Excitement!

I can hardly stand it. I spent the morning putting two coats of gesso on the interior of the cottage. I found out one thing. Watching gesso dry is equally exciting as watching paint dry! Oh well. It had to be done. Needless to say, I don't have a lot to show you. This is it.

So......I guess I owe you a trip to a few wonderful places in mini land.
I went through my list and found a few things that I thought you might like.

This first site is the site of Judee Williamson and Nicole Walton Marble. I took two classes from Judee when I first started. I took one of her early bed classes and one on making wing chairs. They were both invaluable to me. After a while she teamed up with Nicole, who is a wonderful wooden furniture builder. Nicole builds and Judee does the upholstery and bedding. They work well together. Go look at all the photos in their gallery and drool.

Next is Whitledge-Burgess. They make wonderful room boxes. My friend Pat has a couple of them. They are more drooling material......By the time you finish with today's sites I guarantee that you will have to mop up your keyboard.

This last one I just now ran across. His name is Paul Wells. He's from the UK. I can't say that I was familiar with him before today. His buildings are outstanding! His work is the kind that makes you want to throw your own out and start over. I love his half timber buildings. He does them the way they should be done, from the ground up!

I am going to go now and stare at my half timber until it starts looking like one of his.......I may be a while. I think it's called the "Power of Positive Thinking".......See you tomorrow when I finish staring.


erika said...

Í´ve said it before.
It´s going to so asome that it´s coming from a fairytale land.

rosanna said...

Thank you for all these new sites. I like so much going around.
Your house makes me envious and usually I'm not that kind of person

Kristin said...

I would have gotten here in less than 15 minutes but my grandaughter lost something and I had to leave and just remembered I was in the middle of this. I look forward to catching up on the last several years. I am getting ready to make dolls form my rehabed doll house and look forward to making one as personable as yours!