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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Cat Ate My Homework......

Honest. He did. After I finished writing the blog entry yesterday I went back to work on the dragon and this is what I found laying on the bed where I had been working. OK the cat's out of the bag. Pardon the pun. When I can, I work sitting on the bed with my feet up and watching TV. I left the dragon on my lap desk when I went to write. Thirty minutes later he was missing an ear, two of the pointy things on the back of his neck and a few scales. Mookie strikes again! Poor dragon!
I looked at him this morning and decided that I needed to do rocks instead. I wasn't in the mood for doing details.
I got quite a lot of the rocks at least sculpted. I finished the front and part of the third side. Do you realize that I have gone through almost a 2.2 lb. brick of DAS doing this? I did get another brick at Michael's earlier this week. I won't run out. The house is now 2 lbs. heavier than when I started. That's why I love working with Greenleaf, Corona, and Duracraft. They are so light weight when they are just a shell that you can add lots of extras and still be able to move them around without having to call in one weightlifter or two skinny guys to move it.

I will finish the rest of the rock formations today and then tomorrow after it has dried, I will paint it.
Then it is the joy of shingling.....Did I mention that I don't like that job either? I don't mind putting them on. It's the staining that I can't stand. I don't have an excuse not to start doing it. I ordered several bags of them from months ago. I knew that I was going to need piles of them. Remember the houses under the bed with the trolls still have to be done, not to mention the others in the workroom.
I feel like I am getting a lot accomplished. I think Mookie feels that way too. He doesn't like to eat poly clay, fortunately. He just thinks that it is fun to mess with. Strange cat. I am getting worried. One of these days he is going to take over the sculpting. Anything he sees me doing, he thinks he can do better.
I have to go see what he has destroyed this time.......See you tomorrow.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I'd swear Mookie and Otis are long lost cousins or something! Otis doesn't eat the clay either, but I find small chunks missing out of my canes, all the time! LOL....It's almost like it's not complete until Otis adds his final touch~ a tooth mark or two!! Silly kitties!

Hey, I know the rest of the world might find it borning, but you mind letting us know how you do the shingles. One day, I have to do the roof on Cora's house, and I'm dreading it, too....any pointers??? (I'll be staining mine, too.) Thanks:)

Caseymini said...

Patience Katie. I will get to the shingles soon and I will describe what I am doing as I go along. Hang in there.