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Monday, September 22, 2008

At The Top

I finished the other side of the shingling on the bay this morning. Then I capped it off with a little trim.

I am a firm believer in just a little extra frosting on top of houses. That's the best part. What I mean is, you can just put a plain old L shaped piece of wood up there or two flat pieces. If you put a little extra up there it calls attention to the work that you put in on the roof as well as the rest of your building. Details are what make the house/shop.
Here are a couple of examples of what I mean. The first one is the Witches' Warehouse. I painted this roof charcoal gray with Ceramcoat. It needed something so I used some large Victorian scalloped trim painted with Red Iron Oxide. I put that on both sides of the peak. Then I topped that with two pieces of the infamous slats from 80s wooden blinds. When I finished I antiqued the whole thing to tie it together. Yes. There is dust on the roof. After all, it is a witchy place. No dusting required!
This is the front of the Mystery house. On this one I used regular L shaped roof cap molding. I found that the peak was really too sharp for the angle of the roof cap. In this case I would have put the extra blue on anyway, but It served a dual purpose. It accents the roof line and it covers the fact that the angles were not the same on the roof and the cap. I used the same 1/16" square stock around the edge of the roof. Now the roof doesn't melt into the body of the house.
I also put a piece of quarter round molding down the inside corner between the dormer and the main roof and painted it the same color as the shingles. It makes for a neater seam between the two.
Last, here's today's work. I didn't get too fancy with this one and I think that I am going right back out and change it when I get done here. I wanted to show you that you can finish the roof line no matter the angle with two strips of wood and a small dowel. I contrasted the dowel by painting it the same color as the house so that you could see it. If you do it this way, you will have even strips on both sides of the roof. You simply glue both side pieces on the roof line and wedge the dowel between the two. I put a piece of double bead molding at the bottom of the side piece. I am not happy with it yet. The roof peak is melting into the rest of the shingles so far. I want it to stand out more.
Back to the drawing board. See you tomorrow.

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