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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tassels 101

This morning I got a comment from Katie asking for the instructions for tassels. OK. But first I have to show you what I have been working on.

I walked by the Mystery House this morning and I heard a tiny voice whispering "Fill me." It was the armoire in the bedroom. I thought it was about time that I did at least a minimum of work on the Mystery House. So I filled it.

I lined the doors with Penelope canvas and trimmed them with a mini braid. Then I went to work filling the inside. I cheated and went through stuff that I had on hand. I really didn't have to make anything.

If you look closely at the bottom shelf, you will see that there is a wallet to match the cream colored purse. Look closer.....Yes there is money in it. The wallet fits in the purse and the purse closes. To the left there are some undies made of lace. I just cut the scalloped edge of some lace that happened to be the right size, put a tuck in the bottom with glue and ran the thinnest ribbon around the bottom and attached straps. The panties are just cut in that shape and glued on the sides. The floral trim is bunka. Incidently, you can cut most lace anywhere you want and it won't ravel.

On the top shelf there is a barrel purse like the one in the tutorial. The other one doesn't close. It is permanently open with the gloves and scarf hanging out. The platforms have real cork soles.

Now on to the tassels. They are really easy to make.

I did the tutorial with contrasting thread so that you can see how to put them together. When you do them you will want to match the threads. After you get them together you can put a ribbon or other trim around the neck to trim.

You will need embroidery floss in the color of your choice. You can use some of the same floss to tie the knots.

1. Cut two lengths of 6 strand floss about 2" long so that you will have something to hold onto. After you get good at it you can cut it shorter, but longer is easier for the first few.

2. Cut a strand about 6"long for the slip knots. You will need 2 of these, each tied with a single strand.(pink) The slip knot is the same one that you use to start crochet. One tail will be stationary and the other will pull up and tighten the knot.

3. Put one of the slip knots around the middle of the two bunches of red thread. Tighten it.

4. Pull down on the red thread so that all of the tails are together.

5. Slip the other knot over the strings of the first knot and pull it down until it is about 1/8"to 1/16" over the bend in red thread. This will make the "neck" of the tassel.

6. Put a small dot of white glue or clear nail polish on each of the knots. Let them dry. pull the threads of the neck slip knot down.

7. Trim the bottom end of the tassel evenly. It can be any length you want it to be. Just remember that you can always trim more, but you can't put any back!

Now go make tassels and hang them on everything that you can find that needs one. You can put them on a door handle, a drawer handle, a key, a pair of scissors, or the end of a "rope" tieback on your drapes. I'm sure that you will find more places to put them. Have fun!

See you tomorrow.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! I'll post pictures soon of what I'm going to do with it. You've got all of us making stuff out of TP rolls, lol.

OK, I love the platform shoes!!!! And the high-heels! Those are awesome. And the undies...too cute, I'll have to see what kind of lace I can find. OK, I'm off to make a tassle! :)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hey, I just put up pictures of what I've been up to! Come see the tassel! :)
Thanks again!!!