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Friday, August 22, 2008

Holey Hanky!

This morning I met my daughter at Starbucks for one of our wandering around days. The Starbucks is at Barnes and Noble so we had to look at books. Then we decided to wander around Cost Plus Imports. Neither place got any of our money. Then we went to our favorite antique mall.

We went up and down all of the aisles, in and out all of the booths and couldn't even find anything to buy even at the ones that were priced at 75% off! Don't get me wrong. We enjoy ourselves there even if we don't spend money, but it's more fun if you find a treasure.

At the very last booth I found treasure! I found two holey Victorian handkerchiefs. They were exactly the same. Maybe they were part of a trousseau, nicely embroidered. In fact, they were amazingly embroidered. Who cares if there are holes in the center? I was more interested in the edge anyway.

I laid the two side by side to take the photo.....One is right side up and the other is the back side. It is nearly impossible to tell which is which. Up at the top of the photo you can see the damage in the one laying on top. As I said, who cares about a few holes? I paid 4.50 for the two. I don't know what the price would have been if the centers were perfect.

For years I have used holey handkerchiefs, baby clothes and other fine cotton antique fabrics. Most of the time they almost give them away if they have damage. I make sheets for my beds and underwear for my ladies if the trim is not unusual. I think that these two are going to have to be for something very special.

I have not had time to decide what these beauties will be when I finish. The design is embroidered with one strand of very fine cotton thread and goes all the way around both of them.

To give you an idea of what can be done with antique fabrics, the dress on this doll was originally a baby's dress. It was too far gone to be of use to anyone and I got it for free. The pin tucks on the sleeves were on the front of the dress. The tiny flowers were close to the neckline. The trim around the neckline of the dolls dress was another trim that I simply cut off and glued in place. The only thing that I added was the lace at the bottom and the silk bows with long streamers at the back of the shoulders. I don't think it turned out too bad for something that was going to be tossed in the rubbish bin.

This lady is the first porcelain doll that I ever bought. She was bald and had no clothes. Every once in a while she gets a new hairdo and clothes as the mood hits me. I think that this is the way she is going to look for a while tho. I am very happy with the way that she looks right now.

See the silk roses in the lady's hair? If you can wait until tomorrow I will show you how to make them.

See you then.

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April said...

Did you decide what you are going to make with the hankies yet? I forgot about that dress. It is really beautiful.