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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weird Wednesday.......

This morning I ran into town to Michael's. I got paint and wood. Very exciting.....Not. This afternoon I had to stay home so I decided to finish the two hutches and start on some of the other furnishings for the haberdashery. I put a wash of burnt sienna on both before I left. When I got home I added handles. They were some that I have been hoarding for years. They are by Suzanne Russo. I am not sure if she is still making any brasses. Years ago she did a lot of different ones. These were actually supposed to be strips to put on a chest as decorations. I bent them into handles. I think that they look pretty good.

I kept experimenting to see if I could get a better shot of the color. This shot is still way lighter than the real thing. I proceeded to move the pieces around the room to shoot.

This shot is the closest to the real color on both of the hutches.

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. Someone told me yesterday that it didn't look like a Michael's hutch. That's about the best compliment that I could get for the work I did on these.

By the way, I heard on one of the lists that Michael's is discontinuing the hutches. I don't know if this is true or not, but I went this morning with the idea of looking for them. I got everything else that I wanted but I totally zoned out and forgot to look for the hutches. I still have a couple so I guess that there's not rush. If they are still there the next time I go, I will have to stock up. As you can see, I cropped all but the thinnest edge of the other hutch out of the photo. Now for the reason for the cropping.
This is one of the photos that was taken in the same place. As you already know, the two hutches are the same color. The counter in the center of the photo is "Black Green Ceramcoat". Now I ask you, does that look like black green to you? That looks blue to me or am I crazy? I don't think that I will be using that particular spot for photos again. I can't believe that the two hutches look so different, being that they are only about 4" apart. I find it fascinating that the Canon can take wonderful pictures if the light is right and horrible ones if the light is just a bit different.
I want to get to the floor tomorrow and the wallpaper and/or paint for the interior. I think that I will go make some shirts or shoes or pants or jackets or socks or shoes or maybe even undies now. See you tomorrow.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I LOVE the handles!! And they look so GOOD on the cabinets!!

beyondbaffled said...

I love these and I'm glad to know that I wasn't crazy when I said the ones I bought from Michael's were too short. I started working on minis February or March of this year (2009) and the first mini rumor I heard was that Michael's was going to stop carrying hutches. So of course I bought a bunch on my next trip. Funny that the rumor was going around almost a year before. Maybe this is something that Michael's started to keep us buying them in bulk!