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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Off

I don't very often take the day off from minis or blogging, either one. Today I am getting ready to grill lobster and spend the afternoon just relaxing. Soooooo, I am going to show you a pretty picture and send you to other sites to amuse yourselves.

All of the pots in this photo are made by a lady named Julie Hinkle of Poco Pots. She used to come to our show every year and every year I would make a point of spending some of my money at her table. She threw these pots on a standard sized potter's wheel! The white one in the center with the black lines on it was fired with horse hair wrapped around it. That's what made the black. Most of the rest are Japanese style Raku. The turquoise ones are about the only regular glazed ones. I have her pots in a lot of my room boxes. She does some that are copies of ancient Native American pottery that looks like it has just been unearthed in an archeology dig somewhere. I think those are some of my favorites. I have those elsewhere.

The bookcase that they are in was purchased as an unfinished piece and I added the carving on the front and stained it.

As for the sites I can spend hours looking at, here goes. The first site is Odd Fae and Autumn things. Dawn Schiller makes the most wonderful miniature dolls. S

Wanna In El Paso seems like she would be a fun miniaturist to sit and chat with. There are great instructions and great photos of her work here.

Have fun looking. See you tomorrow with regular programming.

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