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Monday, February 25, 2008


I didn't get anything done on the 9$ house today. More important things to do. I had to meet my daughter for coffee and go shopping at the antique mall.

It used to be she wasn't particularly interested in antiques. Now that she is a serious grownup, she had changed. Now we haggle over who gets what. It is much more fun this way. When she was younger it was "Oh mom......Do we have to look at this?". Now It is "Oh Mom!!! Look at this!!!!". Yup. Definitely more fun.

Anyway, I will just fill in with a bit of eye candy for you to look at. This is a closet that I built a couple of years ago.
I built it while my daughter was working as the librarian at a design college here. They are heavy into fashion design and she had the job of choosing all of the new books for the library. I have a background in fashion from college days and loved all of the books that she was finding. I started making mini clothes on hangers. I had done a lot of purses and shoes before so I had plenty of those to put in it. The hatboxes were from a site on the net. The rest of it is all my own work. Oh! Except for the beat up doc martins on the floor. They are from England.

After I had some of the clothes in it, but before it was finished, she claimed it. No arguing. She got it when it was done.

Here is a closeup of a few of the things inside.

The hangers are plastic coated paperclips.The beige pantsuit is an actual pattern from Mc Calls or Simplicity. The turquoise sweater is made from a sock.
Theoretically, they could all be put on mini dolls. They probably never will be tho. The closet will stay neat and tidy, unlike my own, forever and ever.

I am going to try to put a new entry on here every day. Sometimes old. S ometimes new. We shall see how long that lasts........
Please drop by and check things out. Comments are always welcome.
See You Tomorrow.


Rita said...

Your clothes are adorable. like the idea of making clothes from a fashion magasin :D
Love your blog.
Have a good day!!

drwende said...

I LOVE this -- actual modern clothes in miniature!

caitlin said...

I might try making my own stonework at some point, but I probably will NEVER be able to make mini clothes.It's a real talent and you got it.

beyondbaffled said...

I love the closet. I've always wondered why dollhouses don't have closets.