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Friday, January 4, 2019

Still Cleaning out!

This morning, my worktable in the bedroom was piled higher than the top of this photo with yarn... yarn and MORE yarn!

I got the idea to hang it all up in the closet. Kota thought that I was a crazy person... But I did it anyway. And it worked!!!

I went over to Walmart and bought three shoe hanging shelves for five dollars each and went to work when I got home.

Notice the handy little pockets on the outside of the two top shelves. They are on both sides of the shelves. And they are see through so that you can tell what's inside.

The reason that I am showing you this is... I think that that the idea could be used for mini supplies like rolls of wallpaper and fabric.  I don't have all of the holes filled yet, but when I do I will have all of my yarn in one place and easy to get to.  In case you didn't catch on, I have been knitting socks whilst away. 

Just what I need to be doing? No.  But it is a lot more fun than cleaning when I get bored.

OK.  So I haven't been doing minis or cleaning either one, part of the time I have been away.

I have to take a break once in a while and sock knitting is a lot more easy to get out and do than building another mini house. 

I still have this much yarn to put away in the holes. 

Some of it will stay where it is.  The rest will go in the empty holes.  I may have to get one more of the units.  At five bucks a piece, they are a lot cheaper than all new shelves to store the yarn on.

Please be patient.  I will start doing minis again soon.  There are still a few other things that I have to find a place for.  I'm almost there!!!

Tessie is trying to use a whip and a chair to make me do minis.  I am resisting for a few days over the time limit I gave myself. Back to work!

See you tomorrow!


DoF@theinfill said...

Great idea!

Sheila said...

Brilliant! I need to find closet space now...

Véronique said...

What a great idea!!

Katie said...

Someone needs to tell Tessie trying to force someone to do something just makes them not want to do it. Anyway that is how it works for me.