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Monday, September 24, 2018

Thicker Walls....

The only trouble with using a pre made box is... Thin walls.

If we want the walls to appear thicker from the outside, we have to use a little bit of magic.

That's in the form or making the walls appear thicker when you look at them from an angle.  It also helps to make the stone blocks appear to be whole.

I took strips of the theater trays and cut them into a U shape, about a half inch wide..  Then I glued them around the edge of the door frames inside.

Then I made strips that would wrap around the edge of the doors. That makes the walls appear to be about twice as thick. 

I decided that, that would be thick enough for what I was doing.

There will be three doors involved too.

I have to make two curved top doors and one straight topped door.

One of the curved top doors will go in the doorway that Tessie is standing in, in the second photo. The other one is on the second floor at the head of the stairs. There will be a straight edged door in the opening behind her, on the bottom floor. 

I am thinking that for viewing purposes, the door behind her will open so that it is behind her.  The other door on the main floor will open in back of the first door.

That will make it so that the viewer can clearly see the stairway and how it goes up around the trunk of the tree from both sides.

If the clothespins weren't in the way, you would be seeing and open doorway.  It leads into the living room.

Now that I have you thoroughly confused, I am going back and try to finish some more of the walls.

I want to get the tower covered before Wednesday. I have witches here this week.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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