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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Out to the Garden...

This morning, I spent time out in the yard...

What did the Terrible Two do?

They stayed inside and made more cracker crumbs for me to clean up...

I did a bit of planting and a lot of watering.

When I came back inside, I started rocking again... I may never get all of the rocks on this thing at this rate...

I thought you would rather see what the squirrels are up to, rather than more photographs of rocks.

This is one of the first batch of babies for this year.  He is almost as big as his parents. 

As you can see, he has his cheek pouches filled and is ready to go back to the tunnels and relax. He is going to be a big, big squirrel if he keeps it up!

Same squirrel... Different cheek to fill... He or she is going to be one BIG squirrel if he(or she) keeps filling those pouches and running back to the nest and to eat it all.

I had the tail end of a bag or ice and I put it in the water bowls this morning. They seem to like a little cool water whenever I do that. 

Anyway, I just looked out the window and there are still a bunch of squirrels running around the yard and laying in the shade relaxing. 

I do love looking out and seeing them.  They are very relaxing and entertaining when I get tired of typing. Back to work... More stoning to do.
See you tomorrow.

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Isabel Ruiz said...

¡Qué graciosa-! No había visto ardillas de ese color- Las que roban en mis árboles son marrones con el vientre blanco