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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tessie Strikes Again!!!

Well. If I want to get Tessie to help, I have to do something for her first... I think it is called blackmail... Or in her case, Blondmail.....

This morning, I called everyone together to see what we could get done on the body of the trailer... All three of them showed up... but Tessie called a meeting of her own, on the side...

Just me and her.
I went along with it... Little did I know that it would involve more work for me.  As a hairdresser...

The other two stayed with the trailer whilst I worked on Tessie...

She has been bugging me to make her a blond... I finally agreed. It is easier to change her hair than to go out and hire another witch to do her work.

Here she is in all of her glory! I expect it to last a day or two at the most. Then she will probably want to try all of the other colors in the drawer of hair colors that I have.  Oh well. About 15 minutes, every couple of days, a little hair and some styling.  That's what it is going to cost me to keep her working... It's probably not really worth it, but it will keep her busy and out of trouble for a while

She doesn't look too bad as a blond.  I wonder what color will be next? My fingers are crossed that she is not going to want rainbow hair from the sixties.  I don't have that.  I had better go now and make that clear to her.

Back to the trailer.  I was going to make this one a mirror image of Zar's.   I forgot that fact when I glued the walls together.. To late now.  I am going to have to make it different than the other one just by style alone. I am sure that Letty will have some good ideas. She already suggested covering it in stone... Here we go again... She is just as bad as Tessie in some ways... I think I need a nap, before I go back to work. between the two of them they are driving me crazy and I don't have far to go!

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am glad work seems to be going fairly well. I quite like the blond hair on Tessie. Here's hoping she does not get into too much trouble. If the old saying "blondes have more fun" is true, you just might be in a lot of trouble.
Big hug