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Friday, August 24, 2018

A little of This and That...

Tessie and Letty waited until I got my craft room cleaned up. I even oiled the floors.  Then they pounced.  They have been in there for the past three hours... Mostly snacking and talking.

They claim to be working on craft projects... So far I haven't seen any finished items.  As I said... Mostly eating and talking...
I got the two orange flowered plants put into the bird feeding area after I got back from the grocery store this morning.

I did some other planting too, but not anything spectacular...

As soon as I came back in the house the birds invaded the area.  They had the scattered birdseed gone in no time.

I did get the floor for the second story of the tower cut out this morning.  I think that it is going to work.

I still have to work on the steps up to the rooftop. Maybe by tomorrow I will have those done.

Tessie is starting to get that gleam in her eye... I do believe that she is going to try to talk Letty out of this build. She has wanted a trailer ever since Zar moved into his.

She probably thinks that, since I clean Zar's place, I will probably clean this one too.... Take a step back Tessie. Zar is now cleaning his own trailer and whomever gets this one will be doing the same.  I am out of the cleaning business... Except for my own room boxes and the castle.

Back to work. See you tomorrow.

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