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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

One Last Day of Freedom....

That was today. Tomorrow it will be back to work!

I am going to start with Daisy's Cottage. She needs a place to come home to.

Everyone else has a place to live. She has waited long enough..

I am going to finish the kitchen first. Then the bathroom.  All I have to do is get the elephant in the tub to go elsewhere while I work. 

The kitchen shouldn't take too long.  I might just use the stove from Tessie's townhouse.  I hate to see it go to waste.
The baby elephant can stay in the bedroom for a couple of hours while I finish the bath.

He could use a good drying out.

I need to mop the floor and fold the towels. The rest is in pretty good shape.

The outside is finished...

The library needs a window and a door.  Other than that, It is pretty well finished.  It just needs a bit of cleaning here and there.

Tessie and Zar have taken over the observatory. I imagine that Daisy will be taking that over as soon as I am finished with the cottage. 

Tessie and Zar will have to go elsewhere to have fun!

This sign is on the kitchen wall. You have to lean inside to see it.

It's a bit hard to see without extra lighting. 

This is what I am going to be doing, right along with Daisy if this house doesn't get finished soon!

She has waited patiently for half a year for me to do this.  I stopped working on it a little before Christmas, last year. 

Time to get back to the serious stuff!

See you tomorrow.

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