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Friday, July 27, 2018

Just Enlist Tessie!

I got the fabric and other materials out to start the dressing table this morning... When we got back from the doctor's appointment, this is what I found.

Kota took all of  my materials and supplies and was using them for a bed when I returned.

If  I try to take them away from him, He bites and sometimes scratches to keep what is his.

I don't argue...
I send in Tessie.  She charms him every time.

She talks quietly in his ear and he usually gives up and lets her have her way.

I wish that I could do that... It doesn't work for me. 

Anyway, I got the materials away from him.

I cut a Long strip and turned one edge under about a quarter of an inch and glued it. Then I glued some tiny lace to the edge, on the outside, over the hem. After that, I pleated it by moving two squares forward and pulling it back to one square on the graph paper.

Then I cut two long pieces for the side curtains to go around the mirror.

I started at the outside edge of the curtains and pinned the pleats in the fabric.

I gathered up the bottom part that will go by the dressing table itself.  Then I spread the top out a little more and pinned it. That will go around a half circle that will go above the mirror. 

I have not yet cut the valance that will go over the top of the curtains.  That will be a tomorrow thing.

I still have to spray the pieces that you see with a second coat of hairspray to stiffen them up more.

I still need to cut out circles to make a stool to go in front of the dressing table too.  That will happen tomorrow.  The rest of the day will be some sanding on the dressing table top and the second coat of spray on the fabric pieces.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.


meemaw said...

It is very good to watch you build something mini. I really appreciate the time you take to explain the process. Thanks again Casey, and be safe!

Caseymini said...

Martha, please ignore today's directions. I didn't do them as good as I would like. I am going to redo them before tomorrow, with the right photos and directions.