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Friday, July 13, 2018

Daisy Eulalia Is Home!!!

"Enough messing around with cleaning and straightening!!!" That was Daisy this afternoon. She arrived with the time machine about four 'o clock,

It seems that Albert is faster than I am. He was at the door of the time machine when I went in to greet her.

I have been cleaning all of the minis and also my workroom. 

Daisy Eulalia found out and she is NOT happy. 

I quit working on her cottage and other buildings a couple of years ago. 

She kept waiting patiently for quite a while.

When Albert informed her of what was going on here, she went berserk.  I got several notes yesterday.  A couple of phone calls this afternoon and a threatening telegram a little later.

As soon as I got the telegram I jumped up and started taking stock of what has to be done on her buildings. I Didn't think that anybody sent telegrams anymore.

The library and observatory doesn't even have a door on the library side and the dust is about three inches thick on the inside of the library. In her scale... Not mine.

If I put my mind to it, I can probably have the whole thing done in about a week. Give or take a few days.

As soon as she stepped out of the time machine, I apologized and told her that I would start working on it bright and early tomorrow morning. Rain or shine! She suggested that I start now and keep going day and night until it is livable... Well we are going to have to compromise on that.  I can only  stay awake so long.  Then I at least have to have a cat nap.    Anyway, expect to see me with tools and brushes tomorrow morning.  Bright and early! See you then!!!

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