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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Emergency Room (Back Yard)

I am spending a lot of time in the back yard.  I am babysitting the kumquat tree.  It started losing it's leaves a few days after it was planted.

I kept asking people what to do here and there...

Finally I got smart and went to Civano Nursery where the kumquat was purchased in the first place.

The guy there knew what he was talking about. He grows these all of the time. My little tree is now getting about four hours of drip irrigation daily.
I felt that I should purchase something in exchange for the information.  I came home with three new succulents.  Now I have to figure out where to plant these guys.

The tree, by the way, started looking better the very next day and seems to be snapping out of it now.

My fingers will still be crossed for a couple of weeks. It should start putting out some new leaves pretty soon.
I am the proud owner of a tomato plant with real live tomatoes.

It took a while for it to start producing anything... It has three tomatoes and lots of blossoms now. At least something is going right.
In other news... Tessie spent the morning under the bed with the protectors of her future houses... I have the feeling that she is feeding them my spare wood again.  That's what she does when she wants to keep them interested in protecting her future homes...

First she spends time with them. Then she spends time with Kota.  He is on her side in the building of new houses.  That keeps me out of his hair.

He doesn't like to be awakened in the middle of a nap for petting.  When I am working, he can sleep more.

Anyway, between the gardening and the chasing Tessie around the house, I am getting NOTHING done today. Back to work. See you tomorrow.

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