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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Let the Trouble begin... Again....

It has already started! Zar started it by pullng the Clockwork Cottage down from the top shelf last night. 

We went in and rescued it this morning.  It is now sitting on my work table in the bedroom...

And the fun began as soon as the Terrible Two discovered that we had moved it to the bedroom to work on... Zar is in his workshop and Tessie is in the bathroom.  They are both pushing on the secret door for all they are worth!
 Zar is trying to keep Tessie out and Tessie is trying to push her way into the secret workshop. 

She has been in it before and knows that it is there.

Zar is trying his best to keep her out. It should be an interesting struggle for the rest of the day, week or year... Who knows how long they will keep pushing.

It has been a while since the rest of you have had a look. It is in need of a good cleaning out... As is my workroom.  I may just take a day or two to finish the workroom so that I can find things in there.

Albert E. had absconded with some of Zar's best furniture.

 I had to take several pieces of furniture out of Albert's house.  He seldom goes inside.  He sits on the porch and people drop by with food and to keep him company most days.

He had all of Zar's kitchen furniture.  Now he has none!

He also had Zar's bed and couch.  Now he doesn't.

I think that I got it all.  Now after I finish the clockwork cottage, I may have to re-do some of Albert's rooms. Some of it can be replaced right away, if he is not to particular about style... I doubt that he is.  His head is in the clouds most of the time.

Anyway, This is what I have to work with... I need to find some roof pieces or make new ones.

This could get interesting... Or I could run away screaming in terror after a few days... We shall see what happens.

Have a good, rest of your day.  I am off to Wednesday Witches at 12:30. 

See you tomorrow.


Daydreamer said...

Hi Casey! I am glad to see the Clockwork Cottage back on the work table! And I'm glad to see I am not the only one with lots of Old unfinished projects! :) I do hope you work on this one for a while!

meemaw said...

Sounds like you have to add making Albert's furniture too; just safe!