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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fixer Uppers....

Tessie and I went through a number of supply boxes and boxes of finished things this morning.

I have a tendency to leave things where they land and some of the hats, purses and shoes landed in the wrong boxes.

So we started collecting stuff for her closet.

Actually all of these hats were in the hat supply box, so they were easy to find.

This bunch came from all over the workroom...Various boxes, bags and drawers.

To be fair, a lot of these were in the closet in the townhouse and when we got rid of it, they had to be put in a box and stored.

Now they will have a closet to live in.
Tessie is complaining that her favorite witch bonnet(that's her name for it) doesn't fit any more.  She says the new bun is tooooooo big.

Here we go again. New hairdo coming up.

There's a lot of things that have landed on the top of the dressing room. They will all go inside when it is ready.
Last, but by no means least! I found my favorite tweezers!!!!! They have been hiding in the box with the hat making supplies. 

I was afraid that they had run away, never to return.  Not so. I am doing a happy dance for them.

I do believe that they have been missing almost a year.   That will teach me not to make hats!  Next time, that will be the first place that I look.

I am off to work on the dressing room now. Tweezers in hand! See you tomorrow!

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