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Thursday, March 8, 2018

My First Strawberry of 2018!

For goodness sake! Don't tell Tessie that I ate it!!!!

She has been coddling the three strawberries that had a red tint to them. 

I ate the first one that was ripe. And it was good!!!
The raspberry, blueberry and blackberry are growing nicely, but they will not have berries for a few months.

I have the feeling that, if I tell Tessie that I ate the only strawberry, she will set up camp in the tank and wait for the rest of them to ripen...
The fig tree is starting to leaf out.  Maybe I will get a few this year.  Last year I didn't get any.

It's probably my own fault. I was not watering properly. I am going to do better this year! I need some figs!
The grape vine is doing pretty good so far.  I think that it will be successful.  It is in a place where it will get morning sun.

Tessie is mostly interested in guarding this one.

She loves grapes and raisins.  She seems to think that we are going to have enough the first year.  She is making plans for grapes to eat, grape jam and drying some for raisins.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that it probably wouldn't produce that many the first year... I am just going to let her sit out there on the trellis and protect whatever comes to fruit.  It will keep her out of my hair while I am trying to finish cleaning the workroom.  Wish me luck.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Lokeish Umak said...

great work

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You know, Tessie setting up camp to guard the strawberries might get her out of your hands for a bit...maybe you should tell her you ate it ;)
Big hug

Isabel Ruiz said...

Pobre Tessie!!!. No se te ocurra comerte las siguientes.
Da gusto ver como empieza todo a retoñar

Unknown said...

Oh, you lucky one! We have winter here in Finland and half meter snow. I must wait first strawberries to the end of June!

Marian said...

Que suerte... tus propias fresas. Espero que estén muy dulces.
Un abrazo